16 amazing tricks and ingenious tricks to surprise friends and acquaintances, positive video

Life without magic is boring and uninteresting! To become fun, you need to add brightness to everyday routine, for example, using new tricks! Materials and tools: • water • silicone bracelet • cards • cardboard • scotch tape • foamiran • scissors • chewing sweets • milk • glass beaker • plastic cup • coins • paper • glue • blanket • ball • M & M’s • bag • glove • sintepon • bills • starch • glass • scarf • shoelaces • thread • matchboxes • magnetic tape
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  1. COOL TRICK AS ALWAYS! Meni liked everything. As if my finger is sprained. super. Cool! It’s brilliant! Themselves probably invented?) In any focus the most important thing is sleight of hand and used to automaticity of action. This is an excellent show that can surprise as their friends, and entire concert halls. in childhood tried to learn simple card tricks, some of them even worked.

  2. you are the best magicians. super well done! Bravo. Always wanted to learn a couple of tricks on the cards but it was enough time, then I met a good friend who showed some really interesting things, not just memorize the card, and not amenable to explanation. not departed from him for 2 days while it didn’t teach me.. now I want to master the more complicated tricks. develop!

  3. Cool as always. Great tricks! As always super. I remember a fork in your hand! I love your tricks! VILKKA IN HAND. Magic tricks is really an interesting thing! It was always interesting to see the tricks, I wonder how the magicians get to do it? Some of their tricks with the same cards, just privodjat me astray – HOW? how the hell do they do it? Really interesting! Surprised, surprised, surprised!

  4. Oooeeee cool, I’ll try too! With the bottle and with the ring I want to show my mom.

  5. It’s very cool I love you you are very cool. I even have nothing to write just great!!!

  6. HELLO you awesome. where did you learn? I really like magic! Especially with maps! Just can’t do anything! But very want to learn!

  7. I have one trick with the coin on the water not work?

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