Different patterns on the body affect our destiny and character. And it is worth noting that the influence of pictures can be both positive and negative. For this reason, to approach the issue of choosing a place and drawing a tattoo is worth with full seriousness and responsibility.
Absolutely any tattoo has its own meaning and value. Choosing her, think carefully about what she can bring to your life, what changes? Only by correctly identifying the tattoo that is right for you, the place of its application, can you attract positive energy and new forces, change not only externally but also internally.

Find out which place and which tattoo is better to fill:
1. Wrist – is responsible for creativity and creativity. Suitable for people who want to highlight their creative and intellectual abilities. It is recommended to put inscriptions on the wrist or symbols that reflect your views and position. A tattoo on such a place serves as a constant reminder of the goal and the changes that you think you should strive for.
2. Ankle – is responsible for the sexual energy of a person. In addition, the tattoo on this site makes you more attractive, sensual, a place of concentration of sexual energy.
The most appropriate patterns on the ankle are flower, ornaments, seashells with pearls. Most often at this place the tattoo is done by girls. After all, the drawing on the legs so attracts and intrigues men.
3. Behind the ear is a place for tattoos that you would like to hide from others and are strictly personal.
Usually, the tattoo behind the ear brings only positive energy, changes for the better. It is believed that this even affects the fact that you will hear only good words and news from those around you.
4. Right ear – responsible for harmony and happiness. Stuffing a tattoo in this place, you bring to your life peace and tranquility. By the way, to put a tattoo on the ear almost does not hurt. Very often, people stuff various Japanese characters and symbols on their ears, thus drawing inspiration.
5. Forearm – responsible for trust and personal relationships. Having filled the names of your favorite people there, you strengthen the connection with them. It is best to choose a place for names closer to the heart, on the left. It will also help bring love and care into your life.
6. Fingers – are responsible for success and success. The owner of the tattoo on the fingers undoubtedly stimulates the appearance of happiness in his life. But at the same time, it is painful to make a tattoo on the fingers. Another important nuance is the choice of paint for such a pattern. As you wash your hands every day, the paint should be the most resistant. It is advisable to clarify this with the master.
7. Index finger – is responsible for luck and luck. A tattoo that has the meaning of “luck” or simply a stuffed word can serve as an amulet that invokes luck.
8. The inner part of the hand – a place that has many nerve endings. For this reason, stuffing a tattoo in this place can be incredibly painful. Experts recommend to put on this place a drawing that has magical power. In this case, the tattoo will be your protection and protection from evil.
9. The space between the shoulder blades is a very specific place. Tattoo on the back can attract negative energy. Even some moles on the back are considered by some to be a bad sign. By this it is worth thinking very well when choosing this place so as not to call upon the bad.
10. Feet – a great place for tattooing girls. The drawings on the legs will emphasize their beauty and elegance. Most often, girls choose drawings of flowers, animals and precious stones. Stuffing the tattoo on the legs is unpleasant and painful, but it is worth admiring glances later.
If you have already decided on the place you want to decorate, sign up for a consultation with the master and select the most interesting and beautiful sketches.

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