Statistics says that the average life expectancy of men is significantly less than women. Scientists have found various scientific explanations for this phenomenon, ranging from more powerful immunity in women and ending with the fact that men kill themselves by smoking. But in fact, everything can be much easier and our selection of photos proves it.

Why men live less women: 40 convincing explanations

But the first vivid example and evidence of why men’s life ends faster.

And if you do this, then of course, there is no need to worry about the life and health of your partner, because such an occupation is absolutely “safe.”

Yes, there is no need for comments. Safety level 80.

The most reliable method of insurance … And then they wonder why a fracture of the cervical vertebra happened.

Or here are the same smart ones! There is no better way. At least the pants will remain …

The feeling of fear and self-preservation is completely absent. Why be surprised then that men live less than women?

It is necessary to think of this! It seems that some men not only have no sense of fear, they sometimes even lack the “organ” to think about.

How much is our life? Any penny … No comment.

At the construction site, men show super-ingenious abilities. How different? The master just has to be inventive …

When the house is hot, then life is nothing. Air conditioning must be installed at any cost.

“Yes, I spat on your safety!”, – said the worker before he went to the hospital.

Do not worry, in the event of an explosion, “no one” will not suffer.

Universal and the cheapest helmets can be bought only in the countries of central Africa.

“Hey boss, stop, we lost two while you are talking on the phone …”

Auto train – the fastest way to travel! To school and to work in just a few minutes, safety is guaranteed.

And when absolutely boring, you can have a little fun. Such an occupation, like all previous ones, is of course also safe …

Beautiful view! But rarely a woman for the sake of a spectacular photo would become a life to risk. Think about why men live less.

Or something else. Well, obviously, he is counting on “maybe lucky.”

Attention! The highlight of the program is a fearless cop who agrees to remain without heirs.

And where else to relax at lunchtime?

That’s interesting, he serves or accepts?

The most reliable helmet …

The main thing is to cut off exactly …

Probably, this thing should be attached to the leg …

Sustainable design …

When there is no instinct for self-preservation.

Another photo from the category of “sustainable design.”

It’s just the only delivery method …

The main thing is to keep balance.

Who said that you can not cut the branch on which you sit?

When the last bottle of beer was superfluous.

No comments…

They just don’t understand what they are doing.

When the legs are not really needed …

Safety is above all …

Do not be afraid, it is not dangerous …

He probably can fly …

That’s right … Fire must be extinguished!

Either the athlete is confident in his abilities, or his comrade is a fool.

What do you think will do without injury?

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