Wedding curiosities. Funny jokes with brides, video

Funny toasts for the wedding
Dear young people!
We are in a hurry to congratulate you
And his awkward toast
I hope you’ll laugh.
We wish you good luck,
Well, what about without it?
To parents sooner
They gave you a home.
A side to bypass
Your house is a mountain and a disaster,
Between you just to –
Peace, love and kindness.
To the floor as quickly as possible
A pair of legs knocked,
To the legs they did not know
No crooked paths.
To live according to you,
Each other for a mountain,
On a diamond wedding
So that they call us by themselves!
Dear our newlyweds! Let in this bright and festive day for you and your loved ones from the bottom of our hearts wish you infinite love and happiness. Remember that true love has only a beginning, but there is no end. For your love!
A fascinating video viewing of unusual wedding curiosities that happen at the wedding. Write your stories, reviews and comments.

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