Watch the funniest videos at the wedding.

Wedding toasts
For the young, I offer a drink,
For their happiness we drink friends to the bottom,
Now we need to get used to everything,
And call them husband, wife!

Friends, you have more fun,
Children have a healthy birth,
So that everything was all right for you,
You are bound to love each other all your life!

They say that every person has the right to make mistakes, but only the wise acknowledge their mistakes. In this case only the strong will ask for forgiveness, and only a loving heart can go on reconciliation. I want to wish this wonderful couple that in their family life they always have enough wisdom, strength and love in order to find mutual understanding!
I want to invite all present to raise our glasses for this wonderful couple. Let them remember throughout their entire married life that ultimately it is not so important who is stronger, prettier or richer. Much more important you are happy people or not. I want to wish you that your life would give you a sense of happiness and then no one will compare with you in the power of beauty or wealth!
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  1. the Breakfast was typical Italian: coffee, juice, biscuits with jam, a croissant.

  2. In 2011, he played a formal wedding in Venice at the Palazio Cavalli on the Grand Canal.

  3. Well, okay, we thought, tomorrow, then tomorrow, everything goes according to plan (Oh, how wrong we were ), we bought in advance two Grade da Bollo, and proved to be an afternoon of absolutely free, which we decided to spend a visit to one of the two closest outlets. I’ve been to both, so chose which budget – Franciacorta outlet village

  4. the stay was terrible, and the bed creaked, the plumbing was noisy (apparently we were not the only guests at the hotel), the morning started to clean up the streets.

  5. Wedding in Italy (info on the documents and Finance)

  6. Lena suggested us to marry in the city of Lecco on the lake.Como

  7. however, it should be recognized that with all the terrible surroundings, it was the only hotel where we slept )))

  8. the fact that in Italy the marriage fee, but the cost in different cities – different. roughly from 0 Euro up to 1500 Euro in Venice on a working day and € 4,200 in the same place in the output.

  9. Everything was great, organized everything ourselves, without intermediaries, thanks to the Internet! The organization costs around 300 euros.

  10. Wedding in Italy (info on the documents and Finance)

  11. Wedding in Italy (info on the documents and Finance)

  12. Wedding in Italy (info on the documents and Finance)

  13. Because the budget was very limited, Lena found us free municipality we are interested in the day just 36 euros. We were only betrothed on this day, and no queues of brides and guests, as usually happens in the registry offices of large cities, thank God it was not )))

  14. decided to celebrate unusual, few can boast a visit to 5 countries in the ten-year anniversary )))

  15. Initially wanted to go 22 in the evening and very very fast to go to Milan, trying to catch the 12.30 )))

  16. Germany in General, a piece of Austria, Switzerland, decided to stop in Lichtenstein on the way to Italy.

  17. Congratulations to you! we also in 2011, got married in Venice, only the organizer was a local – a native Venetian Martin. And tortured not for a week, and 1.5 years=) because the wedding is continually postponed =) But for good reasons – sale, repair, housewarming party.. and travel..=) didn’t want to hinder all in a heap. There was enough time for preparation, including the search for the organizer. Naturally the prices were reasonable considering that the local has long everything is under control everywhere and without double paying.

  18. The city of Lecco is surrounded by the Alps, on the shores of lake Como, 70 km from Milan. This is a local district centre. We rise then along the serpentine to the mountains to a height of 1200 m, the view of the lake and surrounding towns is amazing!!!

  19. The outlet itself is very pleasant: walk the streets, walk into any shops, benches, trees, cafes-toilets (by the way, the toilet simply chic, women’s – mosaics in shades of pink, there is a separate relaxation room, which are huge soft chairs and a couch, clearly wanting to lie down ))), music plays, children’s Playground with a carousel, an area with a food court under the parasols, fountain )

  20. On 23 may, the task of this day – to the Russian Consulate null osta.

  21. but then, common sense still prevailed, and decided to kill one shot at once two hares: son decided to take, had to give up his annual checklist for grade 4, but he doesn’t strongly about this upset

  22. by the way, we met the five Russian-speaking couples and it was the only Russian whom we met in the whole trip (Lena and the Russian Consulate does not count! )))

  23. Left without haste, until we arrived, while we looked around, while Milan defended in all the tubes, but still I Consulate General address confused with the address of the Prefecture, in the center, but then it turned out that because of this mistake we had half a day of such rare stress that I didn’t even know what for we all need this !!!)))

  24. Then I read in the Wiki that this is the second country in the world by GDP … I certainly didn’t notice anything, no Golden palaces, such conventional provincial Europe, even in the capital of Liechtenstein, Vaduz, almost all of the building is an ordinary residential houses with shops on the first floor. however, the information that in a country with 35 million population of 14 thousand people every day commute to work was somewhat surprised )))

  25. in General, Consulate is located in a lovely quiet area of Milan, near the center, on a quiet street with one-way traffic.

  26. the second outlet in the same availability was Fox town

  27. 21 mon start: Kaliningrad – Warsaw (350km,5h), my husband had to drop, especially because it was close;

  28. in General we went to the local McDonald’s (where without it), the store bought local meat, wine and beer. wine haven’t tried, but the beer – like our Soviet Zhiguli taste. not that I’m a connoisseur in beer, but in my modest practice of wine tasting of alcoholic beverages there were varieties and tastier )))

  29. Went in the night from 20 to 21 that night to pass the road to Warsaw, there is now a global construction projects-road repairs, including preparing for the football championship, so the day can go a very long tail stretched out behind some tractor.

  30. Wedding in Italy (info on the documents and Finance)

  31. further on the panoramic road moved back to Switzerland, and directly to Milan.

  32. further, the way to Frankfurt to friends (1100km,12h) – necessarily need to see, because in the trail. will be able to see, probably not earlier than a year, and a friend is the best, if not the only )))

  33. FoxTown Factory Stores in Mendrisio, this is Switzerland, but from Milan about the same distance, and Franciacorta.

  34. The border passed very quickly, in 20 minutes both (Мамоново2-Grzechotki), because at this time usually all queues on entry to Russia, Kaliningrad returned after spending a weekend in Gdansk, resting and buy products that are not only tasty, but two times cheaper.

  35. We arrived half an hour early, but decided to go just in case, to see if everything was in order, whether we will be (still via the Internet recorded ))) we were greeted, we were shown a printout from the website on the time of reception, and we were accepted immediately, without waiting for the appointed time.

  36. Girl the Consul was not determined to smile and to joke, silently printed all the documents sent to pay the cashier. As I wrote above, you need to check ALL the data entered in the documents. Because the correctly written names-name-passport number is not enough), but then we didn’t know it, so it got your null skeleton, and went for the second time on this day to the Prefecture, knowing that it works to 12 (and it was already 12), but just in case… no, no luck, Italian in the form at the entrance in English explained, pointing to a printout operation and in come back tomorrow )))

  37. There is not so beautiful (4 storey shop), and Macy’s there is more expensive (the higher the floor, the higher mod )))

  38. In the morning we stopped at IKEA in Warsaw for Breakfast. Was unpleasantly surprised by the lack of food (there is usually very tasty and not expensive), because it’s morning and nothing prepared! in the end, Breakfast sandwiches, coffee and juice. popped in for business and drove on.

  39. 22 W — way from Frankfurt to Milan (670км,7h), overnight in Milan

  40. 23 Wed 12.30 — the Consulate in Milan, obtaining a null osta

  41. I understand that the shoes on the cover of Vogue magazine worth 3000 at a price of 800 is almost nothing, but in the budget we need to keep it )))

  42. for 400 euros, it only organizes, she will not come, but then we need an additional translator (approx.150 euros for 2 days) ( this option is not staged)

  43. By the way, the address of the Prefecture (Prefecture is like our passport)

  44. The Internet at McDonald’s you can use, but you need to register and enter the mobile number of Italian SIM card, which sends a password. here’s a garbage…

  45. I understand that a civilized way of solving this issue is to buy a SIM card with enabled Internet, and use it on purpose… but the couple we blunted a little… perhaps the weariness and the late hour. in General we’ve traveled a bit around, I found this

  46. 24 Thu 9.00 — Prefecture of Milan and the legalization of the null osta (12)

  47. for 700 Euro she comes herself, speaking not only as a organizer but also as a translator.

  48. Returned to Milan early in the evening, just drove off the highway before reaching the district, faced with the same problem finding the hotel, as the day before ))) on the Navigator found a few nearby, the first is not found, the second stopped.

  49. Wedding in Italy (info on the documents and Finance)

  50. Hotel Baffo in the suburbs of Milan Brugherio, 70 Euro for a triple room. However at check-out when paying with a credit card, it turned out that in this case, it will cost 78 euros. he did not argue that the cash was needed )

  51. 24 Thu 12.00 am — city hall in Lecco, submit the documents (up to 13.40), then let’s get out on the coast (the plan was the Cote d’azur of France), the shopping outlet in Serravalle Scrivia, overnight in nice.

  52. inside – Ufficcio legalizzazione (oficce, legalizzazione)

  53. Well this is a forum independent travelers. And through the Agency everyone… Just note that the agent there is absolutely no need. Don’t even know what it is we could help to arrange the ceremony. Everything was resolved in a few emails. More complicated to organize a wedding day, but then everyone has their own needs and budgets. My advice: wedding at the Palace, to celebrate at the Villa.

  54. the organization includes: compiling program the wedding with all the addresses, all the same witnesses and interpreter, working with the municipality (city hall).

  55. The owners – two brothers of old age, it understand my English. Parking – best humor: we are on our A6 ate entered, even the door opened with difficulty. Considered that we are fortunate that today we are the only customers with the machine )))

  56. with you when submitting documents you need to have 2 stamps (mark da Bollo) that you can buy in any tobacco shop for 14,62 each, it is something like the local tax. In a tobacco store say:

  57. The reports in no time, and so all the information is on the Internet, not only in Vinski.

  58. 25 Fri — ride on the Cote d’azur, in the evening on the way back and overnight in Lecco.

  59. she offered herself as a photographer, but because at the ceremony she sits on the podium, it is physically impossible. only if then, in the wedding program )

  60. plus after the wedding, the marriage certificate need to be apostilled to then be valid in the territory of the Russian Federation, in our case, this, too, was engaged in Lena, because ending the visa has made the amendments in our honeymoon )))

  61. However, the presence of private underground Parking space a little bit brightened a price of 90 euros for three people in a quadruple room, as well as the fact that online booking for such a room costs 110 euros.

  62. 26 sat 11.30 — wedding, then a wedding program, and then quickly home (because annual multishengen ends may 27 at 24.00), or quickly photographed and leisurely drive home (almost 1700 km from Lecco to Kaliningrad).

  63. mi servono due marche da bollo da 14.62 quattordici e Sessanta Dua

  64. So if people decide, then go for it, don’t be afraid. We did, it was not as difficult as it may seem.

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