Very beautiful and original wedding dance, video of mood

Beautiful toasts for a wedding
Dear newlyweds, I wish you swan loyalty and wolf devotion. Be inseparable, like birds “inseparable”, and let the union created by you today will be strong for the rest of your life. Love each other and cherish your love, cherishing it and putting it above all else. Happy wedding to you!
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
With the wedding, we congratulate you,
We wish peace and love.
Your long journey let them light up
Have fun and heat the lights.

Let the children’s laughter ring in the apartment,
Let the full cup be a house,
Well, love, warmth and happiness
Settled forever in it.
Pleasant and fascinating viewing of the video of the original, incredibly beautiful dance of the newlyweds. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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  1. Though manicures and pedicures, the bride has managed to do is not all that will allow to create her perfect image. Wedding hair and makeup most of the girls doing the morning of the wedding. And to suddenly be without all this beauty, stylist services also require confirmation and monitoring the day before the wedding. Coordinate the place, time and duration of the work, the desired outcome and the availability of necessary materials. If the last communication with the master, the bride changed vision of his image (he wants a different hairstyle, chose other colors for makeup or his style, he wanted to build lashes or something) – the stylist must be warned about these changes in advance to calculate the necessary time and prepare the appropriate materials.

  2. In the modern world of high technology it is very easy to be aware of all the events and remotely control all important processes of the planning. But you need to not forget to charge your gadgets. So on the eve of the big day should definitely charge your mobile phone. And even better – the two devices, in case one battery did not survive the saturation of the day, or to get a portable charger. The same Council should give the people a bride is planning to shift organizational and Supervisory duties in the day of the wedding (maid of honor, mother, sister, etc.).

  3. About it is in any case not forget in the whole pre-wedding bustle. Usually, there are two possible extremes: either the bride, immersed in the final preparations, the day generally forget about food, either because of the experiences she on the contrary can not control their hunger, and eats any food that gets in her face (especially sweet). But, both the first and second, can adversely affect the health and appearance of the bride on the day of the wedding. Therefore, proper nutrition should be an important part of the schedule of the wedding day. The food should be familiar, easy, but nutritious.

  4. You also need to take care of a healthy Breakfast the next day, and only then send a well-deserved rest before the big day.

  5. How to spend the day before the wedding – do list

  6. They say that each of us is a blacksmith of his own happiness. Of course, not everything in our lives is subject to our will or desire, but to make their wedding a perfect the power of all the newlyweds. How? All the matter in careful planning and advance preparation. Six months (or even years) of searching, choices and aspirations to translate into reality the wedding of your dreams require a lot of effort and patience. The bride and groom can not be distracted even for a minute, and long before the great events they must have a clear plan what to do the day before the wedding. Even though it’s just one day, but sometimes he’s no less crucial than all the preliminary preparations.

  7. Yes, the wedding is an important and responsible step, which is accompanied by a mass of emotions and experiences. But, what could be better than an opportunity to connect their life with the person you love is important.

  8. There is no doubt that the time of the marriage is a significant and exciting event for both the newlyweds. But, at the same time, one cannot deny the fact that the bride’s wedding preparations cause more vivid emotions, tender feelings and assume more worries. Therefore, even the day before the wedding the bride more intense than the groom.

  9. When the basic and global cooking is finished, the bride can sit down to rest and to have a clear schedule and a list of important things that are expected in her life the next day. Most likely, she already has been in my head a vivid picture of an upcoming event, but hardly in the day of the wedding she will have the ability to control everything yourself.

  10. It is therefore necessary to document everything on paper and present the plans for this day responsible person who will arrange everything. Well, if this is the man who, in the course of all things from the very beginning of wedding planning, then he would not have long to understand their responsibilities.

  11. To important day in the life of a young couple passed without unforeseen and unpleasant surprises due to human error, the bride also has to check the readiness of all actors involved in creating the perfect day: toastmaster/ host, photographer, video operator etc. all these people need to clarify, do they remember about an upcoming event, whether they are aware of the place and time of the wedding, and in what state of health and mood they are in.

  12. In addition, if the bride provides usage and other clothes or accessories (capes, muffs, fur coats, etc), the bride on the day before the wedding to take care of them. In General, everything should be pre-cleaned, ironed and ready for the momentous day.

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