Modern architectural art every year becomes more and more extravagant. The projects of modern architects are simply amazing. It is difficult to imagine, but perhaps a few decades later we will live in that futuristic world that we have repeatedly seen in films. Here are collected several construction projects that are now at the development stage and are almost ready to lead us into the world of the future.

Unimaginable buildings that the world will see soon

CENTER LAHTA, SAINT-PETERSBURG. It is planned that this 87-storey skyscraper on the shores of the Gulf of Finland will become the official headquarters of Gazprom Neft. The creators believe that this building will be the highest in Europe. According to the project, the total area of ​​the complex will be 400,000 square meters.

SINTER TOWER, JUHAI (CHINA). At the intersection of two rivers in the city of Zhuhai, an observation tower 100 meters high will be erected. It will have a slightly spiral shape, and its outline will resemble the shape of a fish. According to the architects, the facade of the tower will be covered with “scales” of perforated aluminum.

INFINITE HOUSE, SYDNEY. This is what residential houses will look like in the future. The first such elite corps block will be built in Sydney. He received the name of Infinity (“Infinity”).

BIONIC TOWER “LAVA”, ABU DHABI. In addition to the architects, biologists took part in creating the project of this skyscraper. The basis of the project became the principles of the structure of trees and their protective mechanisms.

SPIRAL OF EUROPE, CITY OF BRUSSELS. Specialists of the Italian company MADEOFFICE developed the Spiral of Europe, which they plan to build in the city of Brussels. Place and name are symbolic, because the headquarters of the European Union is located here. The project is a symbol of mutual assistance and cultural values ​​of the countries of the European Union.

INFINITE CITY, LONDON. In London, they plan to implement one of the most unusual and “natural” projects of modern architecture. Skyscraper levels will be formed through so-called ramps located around the hollow atrium. The highlight of the project is that there will be many green areas and parks, many call them the new hanging gardens of Babylon.

DUBAI TOWER – LAGUNA. Team Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates presented a design project in Dubai (UAE) The Lagoons. In the near future, an exciting giant complex will be erected on a sandy area of ​​almost 5 square kilometers. According to the plans presented, the complex will consist of waterways, ports and stunning skyscrapers.

DANCING DRAGONS, SEOUL. Dancing Dragons is the last of 15 architectural projects launched in Yongsan, a business district of Seoul. It will consist of 2 towers of 88 and 77 floors, the surface of the outer part of the building will resemble the skin of a dragon. In fact, according to the project, each scale will be a window.

HOTEL CITY DREAMS, MACAU (CHINA). Legendary architect Zaha Hadid created a 40-storey five-star hotel project in Macau, China. Given the previous work of the architect, many are confident that this building will be one of the most impressive in the world.

BIONIC CITY, SHANGHAI. In 15 years, China plans to complete the construction of the tower city, where 100,000 people will live. This unique design was developed in accordance with the laws of bionic architecture. She will be able to resist fire, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes – a kind of Noah’s Ark of modernity.

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