Turkish rich wedding, video of good mood

Toasts with a wedding
Remember, as they said before? On this day, a “new cell of society” is being created. We will not talk about society and how it is enough by this your connection. Let’s drink today only for you. Let the river of drunk alcohol pave a smart channel to your family happiness, and the number of good wishes and shouts “bitterly” protects from the views of ill-wishers your young family, like the walls of the fortress. For your well-being, newlyweds!
Toasts with a wedding
The fetters of the ring do not become,
From happiness always shine eyes,
Let the misfortunes be forgotten,
From now on, you are forever a family!

For your harmony, happiness,
For your love and warmth,
For you today I will drink,
So that was all good!
A fun, exciting and enjoyable video viewing of the Turkish wedding. Write comments and comments after watching this amazing video.

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  1. Long drive by bus to the airport building. Thought would be late for the plane. But all went well.

  2. The photographer came, he is a video operator. Began to turn on the video camera and it worked 3 minutes and broke! I was so upset, almost in tears. Well, how is it!? Wanted memory for life, and all that… And then my happiness turns out that one of the guests there is a video camera! Started to shoot. At this time, came my beloved. No buyouts, etc, somehow did not think about it. Jack just handed me the flowers and we took separate cars drove to the registry office. In the car I started to have the euphoria, I could not believe that now I’m getting married!

  3. Hurry to dress up!!!! Well, when I started to take a picture, I just strung dress.

  4. After all, a wedding is a most special event, the most colourful and memorable day!!!

  5. In the evening met Neville, the husband of Veronique. They have a 9-year-old son Jeremy (Jeremy), who loves animals. He has a small turtle, a pair of majestic white doves, chicken and now the little cute puppy.

  6. In the evening we again enjoyed our gorgeous Anse Royale, which was only about 5-10 minutes from our property.

  7. We are left in 23 hours, while still having fun. We were taken to a hotel where there was champagne, fruit, chocolates. The night was magical!

  8. The family has older children that we met when you return to Mahé before flying.

  9. The vast, unspoilt horizon, allowing contemplate the vastness of the entire ocean… Nice island nearby. Seychelles is truly a Paradise. And all of our long vacation – a Paradise for two…

  10. In the registry office we only stayed about an hour. First 10-15 minutes we were waiting for the start of registration. But us spouses were no more (after all, the Island is a small town, though the district center). Apparently, late aunt, who registers the marriage. The photographer went on to explain what, how and when to do it. To be honest, it all flew past my ears. I just was not able at that moment to perceive information…

  11. Then there were the greetings, the blessings of parents……

  12. In the evening, being at home, casually glancing at the clock, realized that soon the sunset. And decided to check with Veronique and Neville when to expect the immersion of the sun in the vast expanse of the ocean? Immediately after his question, we were loaded into a car and taken to the Anse Louis for the contemplation of this magnificent spectacle. Was light clouds and the sun itself was not visible. However, we had a wonderful time, surrounded by this infinitely sweet and caring family.

  13. Second day of the wedding we spent in the narrow family circle. Considered gifts, and shared experiences.

  14. The family are very friendly, cheerful, sociable, Sunny. The whole holiday on Mahé we had them as the best guests who are very happy.

  15. Late in the evening, after sunset, we are persistently invited to dinner and trying to buy sandwiches. But after such a hearty barbecue on the beach, we could no longer look at food…

  16. And we are ready to go to the registry office…

  17. Saw a beautiful sunrise above the clouds. Indescribably magnificent sight! Discovered another world with fluffy white clouds, a rich palette of colors and bright sun.

  18. Here, told about the wedding and is once again immersed in those pleasant feelings. I want to relive this day again!

  19. Girls, well, interesting story, like at weddings you have visited!

  20. Evening in honor of our arrival had arranged a wonderful dinner with various fish dishes and African wines. Very tasty!

  21. Carried the rings on a cushion. First, Jack I started wearing the ring. He did it slowly, savoring the moment. Then I took the wife’s ring and wanted to wear quickly, but it is poorly dressed for his finger! But I boiled.

  22. Sania, how interesting. And about the bottle I never heard of. You are a very beautiful couple.

  23. Enjoyed the views of the Islands through the clouds.

  24. And because each region has its own customs of wedding. Sanecki that bottle to drown have I never heard in Pskov I know the locks are hung on the iron fence in front of the chapel of St. Olga, on the banks of the river, is also very nice. We have here necessarily through 7 bridges and passing through the seventh (and preferably through all 7, but grooms is not the health that early

  25. We have got a very beautiful wedding. The design was entrusted to the Agency M&M’s. The decoration of the Banquet hall was not just satisfied, but delighted! Host just ordered through the Agency, while people were still interested in where I found such a cool guy)) We proposed several photographers and we chose the most suitable we photo and on budget. In General, the wedding was top notch and quite inexpensive! We were satisfied.

  26. I only have the wedding was held at the Ukrainian natural style very interesting traditions practiced. Most importantly, it was spectacular and fun for everyone.

  27. And, in the end, we were pronounced husband and wife! The parents burst into tears, and Jack kissed. Congratulations, flowers, champagne, chocolates…

  28. Kuha))),and we also have a wedding in Samara was!

  29. And another box from under the rings on this the 7th bridge the bride and groom in the water throwing that ring back in the box never came back, so young always were together…

  30. Arrived. Long queue, not less than a long search of suitcases.

  31. Veronique offered to show us the skeleton. By car it took us to Anse Intendance (a huge beautiful wave signs about dangerous swimming, very little presence of people), Pointe Police (offering amazing views of the other beaches, some of which we had already looked), Beie Lazare (framed derevliany cute, beautiful flat rocks on which the waves are crashing in the ocean, many fish swim), Anse Soleil (colorful island visible in the distance, and in the water near the rocks you can observe the diversity of ocean life). The last beach is also very good for snorkeling. There we remained.

  32. The painting lasted for half an hour. Then another 15 minutes we were drinking champagne at the registry office. Then went to our cars and went to ride.

  33. We have the wedding was just wonderful, I remember when I lost the ring, the bride was pissed actually. The benefit that had in the online jewelry store to order a new one, by the way, is much more expensive than it was. In General, everything went perfectly, without further incident.

  34. We got married July 7, 2007.All night before the wedding I didn’t sleep for hairstyles me on curlers in the evening clocked,and with them sweetly sleep!Lay the cat on his arm,she understood my anxiety and reassured me!Got up at 7 am,my husband brought me Breakfast,which I hardly ate,called a taxi and I went to the hairdresser,and Serezha to his parents.

  35. Friendly meeting us by the landlady of our guest (our guest Hostess, Veronique, has offered to meet us and have already been waiting at the airport with a sign).

  36. Looking at the diversity of the underwater world, went to the bus stop and went to the beach at Anse Royale. In the bus we met Alberto, and immediately upon reaching the beach, we agreed with him about barbecue.

  37. Two hours, I did her hair,then came my mom and aunt and stepdad and took me to dad’s home,where was to be held for ransom.There I was waiting for a friend,led to the witness that so alarmed that he forgot the whole scenario of redemption!Had I still repurchase to organize!At the same time I painted and had a fight with my mom,who started yelling at me that I’m slowly going…Brought me to terrible tantrums,I almost out of the house did not run away…My only aunt was able to calm down,helped to get dressed. To the shame of my mother,I then another forty minutes I sat and waited for the arrival of the groom! What got into her then, still can not understand! It’s a shame to horror-so mood to spoil his only daughter’s wedding day!

  38. Arrived at the lake, where according to local tradition it was necessary to drown a bottle with my maiden name. And my name was – Bevz. Before you heat the bottle, the witness was carved out of the scrap hole.

  39. Arrived in Le Cannellier (the Name suggests that in the vicinity of the road, which is our gest, there’s a lot of cinnamon). There we enjoyed a delicious orange juice with ice and a large platter of exotic fruits, the names of most of which were not yet known to us.

  40. The barbecue was as follows: first, on the beach, we bought a bunch of 3 Jack-fish (another name of Trevally), then Alberto went to the nearest store for spices for fish. And started cooking. In divorced under a palm tree fire was stuck a palm leaf, freed from unnecessary now green and split in half so that between them one after the other was firmly attached all of our fish, cleaned and strung on small sticks. For strength design were mounted to the top with some greenery.

  41. We are all in business: the awakened, the husband went to the car to decorate, to me, the stylist came (I found it literally 2 days before the wedding, my proven salon bailed on me), that is scratched-painted, the husband ran for the bouquets and also went to get dressed. Then the unforgettable moment when he got me a bride I saw…)))

  42. Great room: cozy, comfortable, all fresh beautiful flowers. Charming nice.

  43. Alberto then made plates out of leaves, decorating them with flowers. And the final decoration of the table was a freshly cooked fish. Unforgettable delicious!

  44. At 12 o’clock arrived the groom and his friends bought me fast and according to the calculations of my little sister for 47 rubles!

  45. Went to the registry office, there are already…Married? Not many visitors, only 25 young people(not to gather aunts, uncles, grandparents…). Excited…

  46. Quickly passed registration at Domodedovo airport, didn’t know what to do 3 hours…

  47. We were married in Ostrov, Pskov region, because there lived my husband’s parents.

  48. Painting was appointed on 26 February 2002, at 11:30. We sent out all the invitations on postcards. Guests turned out:

  49. There was no ransom or drive to the festivities… We were married at 17:00 so arrived to the cafe, and there is a very picturesque place near, there was our photo shoot.

  50. There is another drink, kissed on the bridge and went to the Banquet, which was in the House of Officers.

  51. But Alberto was working on his culinary masterpiece not one, but enlisting the help of several Creoles. And the whole company during our lunch was located nearby, periodically acting as waiters.

  52. We drank champagne and went to the registry office.Arrived an hour early, and about forty minutes walking around it.Even managed a little photo shoot to arrange! Then the bridegroom went to drop off our passports,and I had another photo shoot!Oh,I love this thing!!!! At the ceremony had a very funny moment of the day:in the morning before registration I many times asked the witness that she had not forgotten me veil on the face to drop before the ceremony.But she of course forgot.

  53. Veronique took us to the closest beach, Anse Royale. Very nice!!!

  54. Long enjoyed the beautiful ocean… the softest white sand… …

  55. Because of 3 fairly large fish was too many for us. And being in the fasted state, we struggle (Oh! how enjoyable was this work) mastered only 2, then politely asked the audience why they are not enjoying their culinary marvel. The whole company were waiting for it by attacking the remaining fish like a pack of hungry wolves)))

  56. In the plane of the touch display. Watched Shrek on the packaging.yaz. Do not quite understand, but liked. Often watched the temperature outside the plane. – 51. Cold. Also frequently check the status of the flight. Soothing.

  57. There were a lot of contests with laughter and jokes. Vot…

  58. When we came in BEFORE us was sprinkled with grain and coins. At the threshold we waited for the wife’s parents. Mom met us with bread and salt, which we had to feed each other. First broke bread. One big part will be – he will be the head of the family. I think the best part was me and my Wife think the opposite from him… After breakage we should have been cool to add salt to each other the bread, to swap pieces and eat a little. To drink we were given champagne. Drinking, glasses we broke.

  59. Then there was the feast with the master of ceremonies and dancing. I danced a lot and with pleasure.

  60. Maybe not a pack. And our lunch still has already come to an end.

  61. I now think:why I ever touched,but it seemed like the right thing to do!Probably,the heat of passion!))) Guests have also many were only 26 people.

  62. An hour before landing I realized that the time in Doha flows differently. And fly for an hour longer. Upset.

  63. Met a Creole named Alberto, who warned us not to leave belongings unattended, he cracked the coconut and gave the shell. And get invited to a barbecue the next day.

  64. The rise was at 6: 00 because I had to go to meet the hairdresser. The hairstyle I did for an hour probably. We still managed to drink some coffee. I slept over my girlfriend, then came buddy …..and….. away…..the time passed like a minute. The painting was at 13.15. When the bride called and said that the operator had left me. I’m in shock! Running around with her hair in a veil, but….t-shirt and idinaos skirt.

  65. And for nearly 11 hours, I’m so smart, and I have no one picks up!

  66. On the runway a huge humidity. And warm and dark. Exotic.

  67. BBQ cost us 20 euros (full price, with fish, bread, spices, and of everything).

  68. A lot of cons was not thought out and bad moments, but it was not important. The main thing – that our hearts connected and we were happy! Nothing could spoil our mood, even the fight that happened between our guests…

  69. After the Registrar went for a walk and then had dinner.The second day we celebrated together,and a week left,or rather sailed away on their honeymoon.

  70. Mastered large boulders at Anse Royale, found them also very suitable for swimming.

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