Seeing these facilities, you will certainly want to play sports or, at a minimum, visit them as fans. Ask why? Yes, because these sports buildings are real masterpieces of architecture. Do not believe? Then we suggest you look at the 10 most interesting projects in the world of sports architecture.

Top ten best sports architecture projects in the world

Sports Club of the Japanese University Kogakuin University. Here is a hall for archery, as well as, at the same time, a boxing club.

The architects used local wood as the main material, which reduced costs to a minimum. As a result, it turned out to be a very beautiful building, as if made of puzzles.

Tennis club Istra. This complex geometric building is located near Moscow. The unique architectural structure consists of four parts, which, as it were, are intertwined with each other.

In addition, in fact, four tennis courts, in the club are: gym, swimming pool, sauna, Hammam, cafe and even a small hotel.

Multifunctional sports pavilion Luanda Multisports. This miracle of architecture is located in the capital of Angola, the city of Luanda. It attracts the eyes of passers-by with its LED lighting – at night the structure glows with all the colors of the rainbow.

Football stadium Arena Borisov. An interesting decision of the architects was implemented in the Belarusian city of Borisov. The stadium can accommodate 13,000 spectators.

The perforated shell gives the appearance of the stadium uniqueness, which provides excellent acoustics inside the complex.

Climbing School Spordtgebouw. In the Dutch city of Dordrecht for lovers of high-altitude climbing built a separate school, although usually, climbing schools are located along with other sections.

The architectural solution turned out to be quite successful – the building is interesting both outside and inside. And there is enough space for simultaneous study of eight different groups of students.

Stadium Arena da Amazônia. This is one of the brightest buildings of the city of Manaus in Brazil. Initially, it was conceived as a simple but roomy structure.

The architects tried to emphasize the close relationship of the building with the surrounding tropics. And, it seems, they succeeded.

Speed ​​skating stadium Inzell. The building is located in the Bavarian city of Inzell. Thanks to international competitions that are held at this stadium, the city has become known throughout the world.

A feature of the stadium is the “smart” roof, which it is equipped with. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that thanks to a special membrane, the necessary ice temperature is constantly maintained at the stadium.

Stadium Al Bayt Stadium. This large-scale project is quite expensive. But for the Arab countries, namely Qatar, this scale is inherent.

Such a stadium will be erected in the city of Al-Khor for the World Cup in 2022. Moreover, a new residential area will be built around the stadium. By the way, the original form of the stadium is not at all accidental, it symbolizes the black and white tent of the nomadic tribes of Qatar.

Surfer help station North Bondi. It is built on the Australian Bondi beach specifically for volunteer lifeguards.

The facade of the building from the outside is faced with beige tiles, and from the inside – blue. Blue color merges with the brisk waves of the ocean, and beige – with the golden sand of the coast.

Climbing center Rock Gym. The building was built in the Iranian city of Polur. It personifies a stone block, which, as it were, is modified due to geological processes on Earth.

Outside the building is covered with white panels. As planned by the architects, this should resemble snow-capped peaks.

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