The boundaries between some states are surprising for their beauty and individuality. The most unusual borders between states are presented to your attention.

The most unusual borders between states

USA and Canada

The border between these countries is one of the longest borders in the whole world.

This unusual border passes through the town of Derby Line, dividing the buildings in half.

The border between the USA (in Arizona) and Mexico is one of the most unusual borders in the world.

The very end of the Mexican-American border, the Pacific coast in the city of Tijuana, Mexico.

The border between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil looks unusual. These countries are divided by the river.

Iguazu Falls serves as the border between Argentina and Brazil.

From Panama to Costa Rica and back you can go through a special bridge.

On the border between Norway and Sweden, you can ride a snowmobile.

The border between Poland and Ukraine divides the fields and drawings of the incredible fishes of the artist Yaroslav Kozyary, which are a symbol of unity and trade relations between these states.

The bridge over the Oder River from Poland to Germany was blown up by the Soviet army in 1945 and is still in this condition.

Between Israel and Palestine is a wall that is designed to protect Israel from the infiltration of terrorists.

On the border between Spain and Portugal, one can clearly see how Portugal is famous for its bad roads.

The border between Italy and Switzerland is at an altitude of 3470 m.

Austria and Slovenia

Monument to Christ the Redeemer at the Bermejo Pass in the Andes – on the border line between Argentina and Chile.

The border between the Netherlands and Belgium passes through the city of Barla. As well as the border between the USA and Canada, it divides the city into two parts, dividing even houses and restaurants.

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