The most ridiculous and ridiculous dances at the wedding, a fun video.

Toasts to the wedding
I raise the glass for happiness,
For young I drink to the bottom.
I wish the family well,
That everything was always with you!

So that you can enjoy each other,
To love always blossomed,
In order for all to come true,
So that you are always near!
For your family raise a glass,
Let it not fade with the years of fuse,
Let there be happiness and much love,
Let all your dreams come to life!

Let there be joy in the house, coziness,
The troubles let them leave the family,
I wish you grace, good,
Love each other, always take care!
A good fun mood when watching this funny, fascinating video of funny dances at a wedding. This fun video will raise for each wonderful mood and a lot of positive emotions. Write your feedback and comments.

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