Thanks to the Alps, Austria has become a real pilgrimage site for skiers. The area of ​​tourist services is well developed here: there are many recreation centers, ski slopes, equipment hire and the like. No less interesting for tourists and local attractions, which in this country is more than enough. Let’s look at the 10 most interesting places to visit in Austria.

The most popular tourist places in Austria, 30 photos

10. Bad Gastein. This resort town is located on the territory of the High Tauern National Park in the famous valley of thermal springs.

There are excellent conditions for snowboarding, excellent trails of various levels of difficulty for cross-country skiing and, of course, a wide variety of ski slopes – from children’s to professional.

In the summer in these places is no less interesting. Cycling, mountaineering, traveling around the national reserve, fishing in mountain rivers, swimming in open thermal pools, picnics – in general, it will not be boring.

Well, amazingly beautiful landscapes and the vibrant mountain climate of the Alps will be a nice bonus for tourists.

9. Werther See – Carinthia’s largest lake and one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in Austria. Tourists are attracted here not only by the beach or canoeing.

There are several very interesting caves, including the stalactite cave Griffen, which is considered the most colorful in Austria. Traveling through Wörther See, be sure to visit this miracle of nature.

If you are not very interested in the beach, lake or caves, then go on an excursion to the Austrian village of Gmund, where you can visit the “Porsche Museum”.

A huge collection of cars, motorcycles and much more will give fans of technology a real pleasure.

8. Graz – the second largest city in Austria. The legacy that the Habsburg dynasty left the city will surprise you with its pomp.

The palaces and refined buildings of the Renaissance and Baroque times are harmoniously combined with modern architectural solutions.

Graz is filled with numerous museums – ranging from art museums and ending with the “Arsenal”, which collected weapons from the middle of the XVI century. And also this city is called a real student Mecca. There are six universities with more than 44 thousand students.

7. St. Anton am Arlberg – This is the center of winter sports in the Austrian Alps, one of the main ski resorts in Austria. It is located in Tyrol and is part of the Arlberg ski region. This place is known for professional ski runs that are designed for different levels of skiing skills.

The world elite often spend their winter holidays in St. Anton. On the slopes of the mountains you can often meet a prince, a supermodel, a movie star or an oil tycoon, who are happy to spend their holidays here enjoying Tyrolean hospitality.

6. Wachau – This is a picturesque river valley, which is located in Lower Austria and is extremely popular among travelers. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, there are many historical and cultural attractions. Secondly, the majestic Danube, as well as the surrounding hills and cliffs make this place extraordinarily beautiful.

The city of Dürnstein with the castle towering over it is known as the place where Duke Leopold V kept imprisoning the British king Richard the Lionheart for several years at the end of the 12th century. Even Baxay is famous for its wines, huge vineyards and apricot orchards, as well as other fruits that are grown on an industrial scale.

5. Zell am See – This famous ski resort, which is located in the Salzburg region of Pinzgau.

It is the most popular holiday destination for a huge number of fans of both alpine landscapes and descents and the alpine atmosphere that prevails here all year round.

One of the most famous attractions of these places is the church of St. Hippolytus (XVI century), which is located directly on the ski slope. No less well-known and the panoramic road “Großglockner”, which begins just in Zell am See.

4. Innsbruck – This is a real tourist paradise that does not lose its popularity at any time of the year. The Winter Olympics were held here twice – in 1964 and 1976, which brought this place worldwide fame.

But not only skiing is known for this city. There are beautiful cathedrals here, such as the Hofkirche, which houses the tomb of Emperor Maximilian I.

In addition, Innsbruck boasts Ambras Castle with unique frescoes and a collection of paintings, a museum of bells with many interesting exhibits and many others.

3. Salzkammergut – the most picturesque lake district, which is located in the very center of Austria, 250 km from Vienna. The main thing for which thousands of tourists come here every summer is 76 delightfully beautiful deep lakes with emerald water.

In Salzkammergut, you can go on a balloon flight, ride a bike or ride horses on beautiful routes, climb mountains, archery … And you can also practice water sports: boating, water skiing, windsurfing, sailing.

2. Salzburg, as Salzkammergut, located in the central part of Austria, near the border with Germany.

This is the fourth largest city in Austria. He is known to many as the birthplace of the great composer – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

There is something to see in Salzburg, as well as in other places mentioned in our article. Among the attractions of this city are the medieval fortress, the Mirabell Palace, the house of von Trappov, which has now become a hotel. By the way, fans of the great Mozart can visit his place of birth, as well as the reconstruction of his home.

1. Vienna – This is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. As you know, it is the capital of Austria, and in the past – the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

All the sights of this city are difficult to enumerate, but the Vienna Opera, one of the most beautiful theaters in Europe, is considered the most important.

The city of waltzes, old and original architecture, numerous museums with rich collections, squares and parks attracts foreign tourists from all over the world.

Among other things, Vienna is famous for its cozy cafes, where tourists can relax, wondering which place to visit next.

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