Despite the pace at which technology is developing, even today there are many mysterious attractions. The secrets of their occurrence will have to be solved.

The most mysterious sights in the world 20 photos

Easter Island. It is still not clear how the locals could independently move and install almost 900 stone idols. Their purpose is also not clear.

Newgrange, Ireland. As a result of research conducted in the 17th century, an incomprehensible round mound was found, with a tomb inside. Experts say that this mound is older than the Egyptian pyramids.

Lake Reestrek-Playa, USA. In one valley in California, there is a dried lake, along the bottom of which, for unknown reasons, boulders are moving, leaving behind long grooves.

Petra, Jordan. Amazing palace with underground tunnels and tunnels, carved directly from the rocks.

The Valley of Jugs, which is in Laos – amazing place. It is still not clear who and why created giant pots weighing up to six tons.

Terracotta Army. In the mausoleum of the Chinese ruler, Qin Shi Huang, another 8,000 stone statues of warriors were buried with him. Why this was done is not clear.

Glastonbury Tower, UK. According to legend, this is where the entrance to the other world Avalon.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. It is not clear how the Khmer in the second century BC could build such a large palace without the use of scaffolding.

Great Sphinx, Egypt – the most ancient and mysterious creation. Researchers still can not understand the reason and method of such a structure. They also cannot go inside, because every time they try to do this, something happens.

Whale alley, Russia. In Chukotka, there is an ancient Eskimo sanctuary consisting of whale bones. The origin of this alley is unknown.

“Eye of the Earth”, Mauritania. An ancient genealogical formation, similar to the mouth of an extinct volcano, came from nowhere.

Nazca Lines, Peru. These are ancient geometric lines whose origin is unknown. Some scientists believe that this may be an ancient map of the sky, others say that the Nazca lines are the irrigation system of primitive people.

“Sacred Forest”, Italy. In this sinister place, there are about 30 of the strangest sculptures in the world.

Teotihuacan, Mexico. Once upon a time about 200 thousand people lived here. These ancient people were very smart, because they created a stunningly geometric city – with even lanes and under the ruler built houses. Why these people left him is unknown.

Apartment Bulgakov, Russia. This place became the prototype of the apartment, which the writer describes in The Master and Margarita. Who read this creation, he will understand all the fun of this place.

Yonaguni Submarine Pyramids – one of the most interesting monuments in Japan. The monument was carved out of the rock, either by nature or by man. Discussions on this issue have been going on for more than a century.

Gosek circle, Germany. The circle is the most primitive solar observatory made by ancient people. It was built in the 5th century BC.

Tablets of Georgia – the mystery of the millennium. These are four plates with hieroglyphs that support the top stone. The inscriptions on the stones are a guide for future generations who will manage to survive after a catastrophe.

Stonehenge, United Kingdom. This ancient monument causes debate among scholars since the Middle Ages. The people who built this monument did not leave any clues about its purpose.

Karnak stones, France. About 3 thousand stones were installed by ancient people either to coordinate with the planets and stars, or they were created as an earthquake detector. Scientists are still arguing about this.

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