What can better characterize the city? Its inhabitants, their achievements, habits and customs. In addition, monuments deserve close attention. They are frankly bold, strange and surprising. Today we offer to look at such works of art.

The most impressive and unusual monuments of the world, 20 photos

Robin White Fairies, Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire. This is an aerial figure of fairy fairy created from steel.

First, White makes the skeleton of a sculpture of thick wire, and later fills it with thinner wire.

Monument of clothespin, Philadelphia. The monument tells the story of how some enterprising American fabulously wealthy.

He began to produce the usual for the current person clothespins.

Monument to Franz Kafka, Prague. This is a great idea by sculptor Jaroslav Rona. Monument “copied” from the writer’s story entitled “The Story of a Struggle.”

The hero of the plot, because of envy, climbed up to a random man on his shoulders to see the world with other people’s eyes. But each has its own pain, so the hero did not succeed.

Traffic light tree 8 meters high is in London. A tree of 75 traffic lights was installed in 1999.

The sculptor who created the work had a simple goal – to revive the boring street of London.

Marcel Aime Sculpture, famous Parisian writer.

The image of a man making his way through a wall is an interpretation of the life path of a writer who lived not far from this place until his death.

Workaholic monument installed almost in the center of Los Angeles.

This landmark is located at the entrance to the office of the company Ernst & Young in America.

Piss, Prague – This is a sculpture that depicts two defecating men. There are similar monuments in one city, but this one is electromechanical.

Male statues create drawings with a stream of water, and an inscription or drawing from them can be ordered using SMS.

Official Themis, Copenhagen. The sculpture of the Danish artist Jens Galshiota symbolizes the rich industrial world.

The plump goddess of justice sits on the back of a gaunt African American.

“Power of nature”, different cities of the world. A series of sculptures by Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn depicts a woman who holds the earth with a cloth.

Such monuments are in many cities of the world.

Monument to Nelson Mandela, Howick. The profile of the legendary fighter for human rights is made of 50 steel columns.

His image is visible only from one point, from other angles it is just a set of bars.

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