Most of us remember the times when there was this type of transport on the balconies of each apartment, and the residents of the villages did not even move on the streets without a bicycle. The choice seemed huge – “Salute”, “Tourist”, “Ukraine”, “Schoolboy”, “Stork”, “Orlyonok”, “Ural”, “Kama”. The most skilled improved their bikes with the materials at hand, for example, wrapping tape around the frame or hanging reflectors on the wings. Let’s get acquainted with the bikes that live on the balconies of millionaires.

The most expensive bikes in the world, 20 photos

A bicycle is an eco-friendly, cheap to use, convenient and healthy type of transport.

Now on sale you can see bicycles from small to large, a variety of modifications, colors, forms of steering wheels, and as a result – on any budget.

After all, people with large bank accounts also want to look sporty.

Bikes brands Audi, BMW, Mercedes – the inhabitants of the balconies of millionaires.

It is very difficult not to notice a girl if she rides an elegant bike from Chanel.

The cost of the bike corresponds to the brand – about 28 thousand conventional units.

Lamborghini produced only 30 copies of the bike, and of course they match the company’s corporate identity.

In principle, it is for the style that you pay about 26 thousand dollars, since nothing super-expensive in production was used – the suede seat, carbon fiber discs.

Without attention should not be left and racing bike Factor 001, for the production of which materials were used, which are used for Formula 1 cars.

The weight of the bike is only 7.5 kg, it is made in white color, the on-board computer and the navigator are included in the package, and its cost is approximately 32 thousand dollars.

If James Bond had ridden a bicycle, he would have definitely chosen Aston Martin for 39 thousand dollars.

This bike watches everything – the owner’s pulse rate, how often he breathes, how fast and where he goes, what angle he goes down and rises.

In general, the only thing he cannot do is to read the thoughts of the owner.

The owner of the bike from Tiffany will not be able to park it at the supermarket. Its cost is 50 thousand dollars.

The handles are made of ivory, the seat is genuine leather, with an embossed silver insert in the frame.

The most expensive bike in the world – Butterfly Trek Madone. Its cost is 500 thousand dollars.

The fact is that for the decor of the bike, no matter how cruel it sounds, live butterflies grown by designer Damien Hirst were used.

More than 100 insects were used for the frame and wheel rims of the most expensive bike in the world.

And let these bicycles not afford the average inhabitant of the planet, still happy that such “instances” popularize a healthy lifestyle and generally raise the rating of the use of two-wheeled transport.

After all, if millionaires go to work on a bike, then it’s a sin and not to try it yourself.

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