Thanks to modern technology and the world’s leading design engineers, the military industry is not standing still. Your attention is a selection of military technology of the future, on the creation of which is now being actively worked.

The most dangerous military developments of the XXI century, 20 photos

Laser system based on free electrons. A free-electron laser is another development in the US military industry. This laser is capable of operating on the principle of fast moving electrons in a magnetic field. He is able to track, identify and target the enemy, as well as transmit information to the command post.

The US Navy signed a contract for the construction of this system in 2016.

Defense system based on high-energy laser. Also known as HELLADS, it is a weapon for hitting missiles, artillery and mortars.

It is a fairly compact device for equipping ships. Built-in cooling system allows HELLADS to be constantly ready to attack. The weapon has been tested for over 6 years, and it is planned to put it into service in 5 years.

DREAD “silent” weapon. This weapon of mass destruction is a kind of machine gun. It is based on rotating disks, like a centrifuge, from which bullets fly out in a circle. A patent for the invention of this weapon was obtained in 2003.

In a minute the machine gun makes 120 000 turns absolutely silently, does not overheat and works without recoil. The weapon is still at the stage of improvement, when it goes into service is not known.

Dongfeng 21. There are suggestions that China has developed a weapon of mass destruction, which is capable of striking American warships at a sufficiently large distance. According to rumors, one such missile can destroy a super aircraft carrier, as it is the carrier of a powerful warhead.

They say that with such a destructive force rocket is also invisible to radar.

Synthetic organisms. The principle of their action is not entirely clear, but it aims to create engineered organisms that can withstand death. To be precise, the developers plan to get the “Universal Soldier” through the maximum development of diverse capabilities, as well as the ability to regenerate after injury.

This project causes many disputes, so the final result will not be soon.

XM25 grenade launcher. This semi-automatic, self-loading grenade launcher, which is used by the US military, is different from the Punisher grenade launcher.

The latter was designed to better defeat targets that are in shelters, trenches or underground.

Railgun Theoretically, this electromagnetic mass accelerator is capable of launching rockets into space. The gun was built and tested as anti-aircraft and anti-submarine weapons. The launch of the projectile is carried out at a very high speed, close to the speed of sound.

This technology is still being improved. The developers plan to install batteries for charging on warships, as well as to reduce the speed of projectile release. To equip ships with such guns by 2025.

Aircraft Aurora Excalibur. The Aurora Excalibur unmanned aerial vehicle is developed by Aurora Flight Sciences. It can take off and land vertically, like a helicopter, and it can reach speeds of up to 800 km / h.

The device can be equipped with a variety of weapons, including 4 anti-tank missiles Hellfire. The first version of the device was successfully tested in 2009, as a result it was decided to engage in full-scale development of a hybrid based on an Apache helicopter.

Quantum camouflage based on stealth technology. Quantum camouflage based on stealth technology makes a person almost invisible. It was developed in Canada with US support. Both countries are interested in its application during the conduct of hostilities.

Such camouflage can save the lives of pilots who are forced to eject in hostile territory.

Insect hybrids. A subsidiary of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) is developing, based on the creation of hybrid hybrids. Peculiar cyborgs, through the implantation of mechanical devices in the early stages of life.

These devices will allow you to control the beetle for military purposes, for example, to achieve hard-to-reach targets.

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