The most beautiful flowers in the world, a positive video for a good mood.

In this video you can see the 16 most beautiful flowers in the world.
The most beautiful flowers in the world: Canna (Pushnitsa), Cherry Blossom, Colorado Columbine, Hydrangea, Lily of the valley, Calla Lily, Black-eyed Susan, Bloody heart, Blue bells, Lantana, Roses, Eastern poppy, Moussaenda erisoptera, Begonia, Ixora, Dendrobium .
Kanna (Pushnica)
Kanna (Pushnitsa) is not only not only cute flowers, but also beautiful leaves that have different stunning colors. Was popular in the Victorian era as a garden plant.
Cherry Blossom
Unofficial flower of Japan, impressive flower manifestation, which is present in spring at festivals in Japan and the US. The most popular colors are white and pink.
Colorado Columbine
Growing high in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, the Columbine flower is a reward to adventurous climbers at 14,000 feet of high Colorado mountains.
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