The most beautiful blonde of our time is Scarlett Johansson, video

The undisputed star of any rating is: Scarlett Johansson Year of birth: 1984 Scarlett Johansson is the most beautiful blonde of the modern age by the results of surveys of many magazines. Dreaming of becoming a singer, she began her career as a model and actress. Scarlett has a sensual natural beauty that reduces the sum of many men in the world. But in addition to external beauty, she has an extraordinary talent and wit. It is often called the “modern Merlin Monroe”. Johansson – a young woman radiating temptation, passion. Possessing a radiant beauty and femininity, she became a muse of many designers and directors. Fame came to her after filming in the dramatic thriller of the legendary Woody Allen’s “Match Point”, although to star in the movie Scarlett began at an early age. In 1994, she starred in the movie “North” by Rob Reiner with Elijah Wood. Since childhood, she fell ill with cinema, she did a lot of work and went to the samples. Her mother strongly supported and today the schedule of the actress is painted for several years ahead.

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