For many people, vegetarianism is not just a popular diet, but a whole philosophy. Despite the endless controversy and myths that surround this approach to nutrition, it helps many celebrities look and feel great. Your attention presents 10 of the most famous vegetarians, who want to be like millions.

The most attractive stars-vegetarians in the world, 20 photos

Avril lavigne. After finishing her European tour in 2005, Canadian singer Avril Lavigne decided to become a vegetarian. In one of her interviews, the singer said that now she is obsessed with Italian pasta.

She also loves sweet fruits, vegetables, seafood, seaweed and nuts. Avril is a member of PETA, which advocates animal rights.

Uma Thurman. Forever young actress is a vegetarian for many years. She hasn’t consumed meat since she was 11 years old. Despite established myths, the diet did not prevent her from carrying out and having two healthy children.

She considers spring water, various fruits and vegetables as the basis of her beauty and health. The Minds menu also includes nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and pickled vegetables.

Jessica Chastain. Jessica is a vegetarian from birth. She grew up in a family where they treat all living things with great respect. The star basically does not eat not only meat, but also fish, eggs, cheese, milk because of harmful drugs that are used in animal husbandry.

Red-haired actress argues that it is thanks to veganism, she has excellent well-being and perfect figure.

Cameron Diaz. The actress decided to refuse from meat spontaneously, when she learned that a pig has the same mental capacity as a three-year-old child.

Cameron also excluded salt, sugar, high-grade flour from her diet. Simple enough diet, which became the basis of the ideal figure of the actress.

Ann Hataway. The famous actress, winner of the Emmy Award, decided to become a vegetarian because of the great love of animals. She easily chose a diet to feel good.

Ann is a big sweet tooth, so her restrictions do not apply to sweets. In New York, she found a special pastry shop for vegetarians, where she regularly gets various sweets.

Kim Basinger. This actress is an ardent fighter for animal rights and demonstrative vegan. Once at a reception at the White House, she asked how a goose liver or foie gru can be eaten if for its growth geese are force-fed through a straw.

Kim called such an attitude to birds barbaric, and people in the 21st century, in her opinion, should not do the same.

Jennifer Lopez. Latin American actress carefully monitors her health and nutrition. She was encouraged by her colleagues in the workshop to think about vegetarianism.

In 2014, Jennifer finally decided to abandon animal products and go to veganism.

Madonna. The singer refused meat because of religious beliefs. She believes that vegetarianism allowed her to feel great, have a slim figure and look much younger than her years.

She also does not eat flour dishes, preferring to them raw rice, sesame, flax seed, seaweed, fruits, vegetables, as well as specially purified water.

Demmy Moor. The actress decided to become a vegetarian to get rid of extra pounds and look younger. Eating only plant foods helps the actress is in excellent physical shape, despite his age and the birth of three children.

Her secret is simple: most of the food in her diet she eats only raw and only a small part – it is steamed or stewed dishes. The star menu includes the most useful food: fresh juices, sprouted grains and herbs, vegetables, fruits, greens.

Natalie Portman. One of the most beautiful women of our time is a vegetarian from the age of 8 years. After reading J. Foer’s book “Eating animals,” Natalie Portman decided to become a vegan and refuse meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, honey.

She does not wear leather and fur, and even released her own eco-shoe collection. During pregnancy, on the recommendation of doctors, she briefly included in her diet dishes from eggs and cheese, but then again refused them.

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