Our culture has created the suggestion that love is a feeling. But we forget that in order for love to grow stronger, we cannot just sit and do nothing, it is necessary to act. We have to feed her with our actions, otherwise she will disappear. Relationships are a gift and a privilege, and not everyone is able to dispose of it correctly. Here is a list of truths that will open your eyes to important aspects of a relationship.

The harsh truth about real relationships, 38 photos

1. You must understand that you will not always like your partner.

2. Attraction to a partner is also not constant, it may disappear.

3. Sometimes you will be very annoyed, and this will affect your attitude towards your loved one.

4. If the distance for some time separates you, the longing for a partner will not be constant.

5. Sometimes you will be bored together.

6. You will meet people who seem to you more attractive.

7. Sometimes you will be overcome by loneliness.

8. Your lover is not your copy. It is necessary to find a way of reconciliation with differences.

9. Your heart will open and close.

10. A sense of attraction will sometimes leave you.

11. Your sex life will not always be perfect, you need to calmly respond to difficulties.

12. You will not always have a desire to make love.

13. There will be periods when you feel indifference to your partner.

14. It seems to you that you are connected together, but this feeling may leave you for a while.

15. True love is work, not just pleasure.

16. Fear is an integral part of true love.

17. Fear does not always look exactly like fear. You will be afraid to feel indifference, irritation or indifference in relation to the beloved / beloved.

18. The stronger and deeper the love, the greater the fear.

19. The deeper the love, the greater the risk. This means that you realize that you can lose him / her.

20. In your head, such exiles can arise: “I want to leave. I want to try something else. I want to try someone else. ” It is worth remembering that this is just a thought. Their appearance is natural and happens to everyone. But this does not mean that these thoughts are true. Often they are the product of fear.

21. Doubtful thoughts (like those mentioned above), as a rule, come to you when you are alone in a house. Or when a partner is already sleeping. Remember: true love is always a swing of the pendulum. Today it seems to you that you cannot live without this person, and sometimes you want to never see him again. The more the experience of living together, the easier it is to accept the reality and the “cell” called “family”.

22. Negotiating with a husband / wife can be very difficult. Many people begin to compare their relationships with those of others. But it is worth remembering that we all post on the social network only the best moments of life.

23. Conflicts in relationships are inevitable.

24. It will always seem to you that you are better / fairer than your partner.

25. You can periodically gang up and insult each other.

26. Sometimes you will make your loved one feel bad.

27. Trust is a very fragile thing, and it is very easy to destroy. Do not promise.

28. No matter how hard you try, you will bring a bit of the past into your relationship: pain, childhood resentment, pain from past relationships, pain from betrayal of friends and girlfriends. And you will inevitably project this pain on each other.

29. A wedding is not all. She does not solve any problems. Need to work on relationships and after the wedding.

30. After you have children, you will have to get used to the fact that at least in the first few years not all your needs will be met.

31. Living with young children is a challenge. Wait. They will grow up. And it will be easier.

33. You will have to grow up.

34. Sometimes you will need to forget about pride and apologize first.

35. As soon as you two create one family, it will be understood that a solid, stable financial foundation under your feet is more important than entertainment.

36. Romance does not necessarily pass over the years. Need to support her.

37. Must forget the old grievances. Only in this way can your relationship grow stronger.

38. You will age together. You will witness the aging process. Moreover, it is much easier to observe another person than you do yourself. Your wife will sooner or later have folds, sagging parts of the body, scars. This can be a source of frustration, and can be a source of joy, if you are aware of how long your relationship has been living.

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