If a relaxing holiday on the beach sounds too boring for you, and your soul craves for a thrill, then you should visit these “hot” places. Ordinary people try to avoid them, but for those who like to tickle their nerves, this is the best option for a vacation.

The best places for extreme rest, 20 photos

Diving with sharks, Cape Town. For only $ 100, you will be placed in a cage like a tasty bait and lowered into the depths of the sea.

Predators will clap their teeth over your ear, but the cage will reliably protect them from their jaws.

Airfield, Sequoia (USA). Would you like to walk along the wing of the plane? Especially when it flies at a speed of 250 km / h, well, the pilot, to heighten the effect, does his tricks with control.

Of course, you will be firmly fixed, but this flight will noticeably stir your nerves.

Rafting with crocodiles, Zimbabwe. The descent on the steep rapids of the Victoria Falls will invigorate, and a walk past the crocodile lair will not leave you indifferent.

There will be enough impressions for the whole year, the main thing is to catch the legs in time.

Suspension bridge, Arkansas River. If you are a lover of rope jumping, then you should definitely visit Royal Gorge (suspension bridge).

From here you can jump on a rope from a height of 321 m in climbing gear and test your nerves for strength.

Flight to the stratosphere, Nizhny Novgorod. If you can’t imagine your life without extreme sports, then you should definitely try it: climb Mig fighter to a height of 23 kilometers.

So you can take a closer look at the sun and feel like a real astronaut.

Feast of the Running Bull, Spain. If you are ready to check how brave and strong you are, then you should visit this place.

Running from ferocious bulls running to the arena through the streets of Pamplona is not a walk with your beloved dog.

Jump into the volcano, Chile. For only a few thousand dollars you can give yourself a unique feeling.

A jump into the mouth of an active volcano Villarrica, perhaps, will be the most striking event in your life. No one will guarantee that you will remain safe and sound.

Walk on the mountain Huangshan, China. If you are ready to walk a thin path over an abyss, relying only on yourself and the safety rope, then this is the place for you.

Your path will pass on thin boards without handrails and other supports, where you need to rely only on the ability to maintain balance.

Walk over the precipice on the rope, USA. The so-called Slacking can be tried in the Grand Canyon. This is a depth of 1800 meters, which at any second is ready to devour you.

The rope, which will have to walk, is quite elastic, so the sense of balance should be just perfect.

Meeting with a tornado, USA. Often, everyone is trying to flee from this miracle of nature, but there are heroes who are not afraid of the power of a tornado. For only 2 thousand dollars you can take part in this crazy rally.

A walk on the off-road vehicle right behind the raging elements will allow you to see all its destructive power.

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