Straight wedding dress, fascinating video

This style is very elegant and has almost no restrictions on the type of figure. Such attire differs strictness and laconicism, and also absence of pretentious details. A straight dress is able to visually draw a figure, so that the girl will seem taller. Therefore, for brides of low growth, this option is ideal.
A direct wedding dress is now in the collections of all wedding designers! Very popular silhouette, especially with a train. Many people confuse him with a mermaid dress: a straight dress is freer, not so much stiffens the steps as a dress-fish. Just in the photos of the model posing, exposing one knee forward, so you can visually confuse this style with a mermaid, but they still have a difference
A wonderful mood when watching this exciting, interesting and fascinating video about a wedding straight dress. Write your feedback and comments after watching this wonderful, instructive and informative video for a good mood.

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