Siena Miller - actress and fashion model, New York, video

Sienna Miller Year of birth: 1981 Sienna Miller, an actress and model, was born in New York in a wealthy family, but after her parents divorced she moved to England and went to a private boarding school for girls. Her wild nature manifested itself since childhood – she smoked and was born in the boys of their neighboring schools. After graduation, Sienna returned to the United States and decided to start her career as an actress. Success came to her after the release of the BBC TV series “Time to Sleep,” and after the comedy “Kasavchik Alfi,” where she spun an affair with handsome Jude Law on both the screen and in life. “Not a bad actress, but her name is more often connected with scandals than with the movie” – critics said. After all, most of her novels were with married men. The actress has an unprecedented charm and great energy, which sparkles in a piercing glance. Her charisma was revealed in the film “forbidden love” directed by Don Maybury, where she played a freedom-loving and proud woman. Sienna is an actress for all genres of cinema, but her talent is really revealed in the author’s paintings and the role of the fatal beauty in the films “Star dust” and “Cobra’s throw” is rather an exclusion confirming her talent.
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