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Russian beauties photos.
Russian women adore shopping. No matter how much they earn they spend lots of money on clothes, shoes, bags etc. They all try to be stylish and really think a lot about the way they look. Who knows, maybe that is why they are considered to be nice looking abroad. It’s not a good solution to a problem for them to buy a t-shirt of bigger size if they get some extra kilos. They will try to get to a good shape with the help of the gym, diets or something like that. Some foreigners coming to Russia say that girls here are always dressed like they are going clubbing. That is so because they try to be more elegant. And other foreigners say “Russian girls dress not for men but for other women”. Yeah, I think it’s true. Really women here pay a lot of attention to the way they look and maybe even more attention to the way other women look. This gives them a lot of information. For example, about good or bad taste, about life style, profession, age, maybe even psychological age, some features of character and lots of other things. And it’s ok when one woman asks a second woman, who she doesn’t know, about the perfume she is wearing. It can be accepted as a kind of a compliment. Yes really strange thing and not very common but don’t be surprised

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