redhead in stockings 1

redhead in stockings 2

redhead in stockings 3

Before you very beautiful red girl in stockings. Women with red hair always caused keen interest. Red-haired pursued, but they also were worshipped. Magic abilities and magical knowledge were attributed to them. Often explained these their improbable luckiness. The different people considered red-haired as descendants of otherworldly forces: gins (Arabs), spirits of a vault (Scots), witches and witchers (Slavs). Eccentricity of red-haired beauties, their temperament, eccentricity steadily attract the strongest males. Psychologists consider that the red hair color is much more attractive to men, than blond, but diffident men will just be afraid to approach the ginger devil. On the other hand, the American supernumeraries counted that husbands change red-haired wives several times less often, than all the rest. Probably, having once given in to magic and a charm of a non-standard, most of men is simple not in forces to refuse it.

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