Really cute girl angels 1

Really cute girl angels 2

Really cute girl angels 3

Really cute girl angels.
“You know, still nobody invented bigger
human happiness, than family. When
I nearly missed it, realized it so
it is deep that nobody is more and nothing not
can curtail me from a way true”,
– David Duchovny.
They say that for each great man
there is a great woman – and often it
very veracious statement. And even if
some of these women are not so known
to general public, as “star”
representatives of the fair sex, however for
lives and pits of the beloved they
made hardly no more, than
They presented them happiness, returned belief in
themselves and the forces, helped to create masterpieces,
inspiring and directing, being their muses
and their saving stars …
Selection from 10 famous men, which
anyway women rescued. For the
darlings they became the real angels –
keepers, supported them and were
nearby, despite everything

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