The appearance of a person and his state of health almost always depend on the state of metabolic processes. When the metabolism fails, then all other processes in the human body are disturbed. Toxic substances that do not leave the body in time, affect the organs and provoke the appearance of various diseases. If you want to speed up the metabolism and improve your overall well-being, you can use these proven methods that can improve your metabolism in a short time.

Proven methods to speed up the metabolism, 22 photos

Diet plays a major role in the digestive process. Therefore, nutritionists from around the world are urged to eat at the same time every day.

Then the body gets used, and will work like a clock.

Morning work-out. After you get out of bed, you need to drink a glass of water and do at least a little exercise.

So your body will wake up. This also applies to metabolism, which will begin normal work in the morning.

Skip breakfast – ban. The morning meal starts the metabolism and keeps it at a normal rhythm all day.

It has been proven that women who do not eat breakfast are much more obese.

Morning coffee you must drink it, as it is able to awaken the whole body, and especially – the metabolism.

If you drink a cup of coffee after breakfast, then constipation will not bother you. It is important to know that in this case only natural freshly brewed coffee is needed.

Water. German scientists say that you need to drink at least 6 glasses of pure water a day.

It is this amount of water, according to research, that increases metabolism by 50 calories per day. So you can burn about 2 – 2.5 kilograms per year using only water.

Ban on fatty meat. If you eliminate fatty meats from the diet, reduce the amount of meat products, then you can significantly speed up the metabolism.

People who eat meat with a garnish of potatoes or pasta, often suffer from constipation.

Add spices. To speed up the metabolism, you will need natural spices.

Black and red peppers, fennel and dill, cardamom and ginger, as well as turmeric have a good effect on intestinal peristalsis.

The benefits of green tea can not be exaggerated. Black tea should be replaced by green, because it contains antioxidants that affect the human body in the best way.

It helps to lose weight and cleanse the body.

Get more vitamin D. Studies have shown that only 4% of the population over 50 receive enough of this vitamin, and in fact it greatly influences the metabolism.

Sources of vitamin D in food are salmon, tuna, tofu, milk, cereals, and so on.

Citrus fruit must be present in the diet of every person who wants to be healthy and strong.

Citrus fruits well enrich the body with vitamin C, significantly speed up the metabolism, and also remove all that is unnecessary from the body.

Avoid alcohol consumption. If you are drunk, you burn less fat, because alcohol is the source of energy.

Only 2 martini glasses slow down your metabolism by 73%.

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