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Pretty ukrainian women
Forgive us, native Russians.
For the present Earth rotates,
We to you did not stop being brothers.
You were betrayed not by(with) my Homeland.

Not people, that came to the square,
Trying become painful to tell,
And those who bought our Homeland,
Bought favourably to sell.

Governors come and leave,
Someone is remembered long and good,
But a lump each president leaves,
As the first pancake, in my native land.

Us embroiled from screens and laughed,
That brothers totally quarreled,
But we trust, we in soul people remained,
Also we will incur each other on hands;

When from us someone is wounded in a back,
We will not remember nationality,
I believe that Ukraine cannot
On fraternal peoples to spit. Forgive us that we do not pass you
On own borders, as enemies,
Forgive that we trust channels,
Where we are considered all for fools,

Show wars, hysteria,
Also receive a ration in dollars,
But there is no Ukraine without Russia,
As without key also the lock is not necessary.

All of us – one family, let quarreled,
But quarrels happen in a family;
And, the main thing that we people remained,
But not zverm, ready to war.

For Earth, for foggy ideas,
Having forgotten that children need the world!
I am not able to think in a different way,
And we for our power just a shooting gallery,

Want – will direct army to us,
Want – on air to us will impose a tax;
But will not force to stop loving Russia,
So far we together, with us God!

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