Twenty years ago nobody paid attention to the words of the legendary Greek elder Paisy Svyatogorts, but now, when the prophecies began to come true, they were remembered. But he had already foreseen the collapse of Turkey and Erdogan, respectively.

Predictions of Paisii Svyatogorts, which are already being realized, 20 photos

Who is Paissy the Holy Man? The old man, who was also called Athos, was highly esteemed during his lifetime, and after death the flow of pilgrims to his grave does not stop.

An old man rests in the village of Suroti in northeastern Greece.

Many of his prophecies have already been realized. The Chernobyl disaster, the collapse of the USSR, the bombing of the former Yugoslavia and much more was predicted by the elder.

If everything that Paisius had predicted comes true, then Erdogan no longer had time to be at the helm of Turkey.

“Istanbul will again become Constantinople”, – said the elder Paisius.

He meant that this majestic city will become Orthodox, as it was many centuries ago.

“It will be given into the hands of the Russians …” That is what predicted Paissy the Holyon.

He said that Turkey would incur the wrath of many states, as a result of which it would fall into three or four parts and would be controlled by the Russians.

The main problem of Turkey is Russia. “You will learn everything about the beginning of the war, when Turkey will attack Russia in the sky over the Mediterranean Sea,” said the elder.

The conflict has begun? I do not want to believe it, but the conflict between Russia and Turkey has already begun.

And, as you know, the reason was the Russian military aircraft, which was shot down by the Turkish side.

“At first, the Turks will think that they are winning …” Paissy said that a deceptive impression of its superiority would lead Turkey to collapse and in fact would be the end for the existence of this country.

Wars in the East. Professor of theology from Brussels Kenanidis Konstantinov at one time spoke with the legendary elder.

He remembers the words of Svyatogorsk: “In your eyes, the Middle East will be the scene of wars in which Russians will take part.”

“But Turkey will be defeated …” “Turkey will be destroyed by its allies.”

Turkey will be destroyed and erased from the map forever. The country will be divided into three – four parts: the Greeks, Kurds and Armenians will take their lands.

“Time is already keeping a reverse record.”

Prediction comes true … It has been 25 years since the prophecy of Paisius Svyatogorts was first said.

But now, when his words began to come true, everyone started talking about them.

So it may not be too late to change something in this world for the better?

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