Pleasant surprise surprise bride for groom, video of good mood

Toasts with a wedding

For young to the bottom I drink,
For their beautiful family,
For happiness, joy and love,
I ask friends, we will drink again!

I drink for prosperity, for success,
For childish and fervent laughter,
For the love to live,
And that a strong family!

For loyalty, honesty, kindness,
I want to wish you all the best,
I drink for you, I drink to the bottom,
So that you were always together!
Toasts to the wedding in verse
As a new day begins with a sunbeam, so your family has arisen, illuminated by love. The beginning is laid clear and joyful. And, what a continuation will be, depends only on you. Do not lose the rays of good, but multiply them. Let’s drink to making your wedding the beginning of a sunny and cloudless family life.
A fascinating, enjoyable viewing of this interesting video is a very pleasant surprise bride for the groom. Write your feedback and comments after watching this amazing and beautiful video.

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