Even the most avid travelers are unlikely to be able to say that they managed to visit these places. The thing is that these places are closed to the public, and there are good reasons for that. Your attention is a selection of 15 places on the planet, which can visit only a limited circle of people.

Places on our planet that are forbidden to visit, 26 photos

Military base Mentvit Hill (North Yorkshire, United Kingdom). It is unlikely that you will be able to get to the military base, unless you have a special pass.

On the territory of the military base, the National Security Agency conducts various reconnaissance operations, so that anyhow they are not allowed there.

Zone 51 (Nevada, United States). For many years, the US government denied the existence of this secret air force base.

However, the government still acknowledged that the base exists, but this does not mean that unwanted visitors will be happy there.

Queimada Grande (an island in Brazil). Access to this island is open only to a small number of scientists.

The fact is that the island is filled with the most dangerous snakes on the planet, their bite causes an instantaneous death of tissues.

Vatican Secret Archive (Vatican). Previously, only the Pope had access to the secret archive.

However, to date, access to archival documents of the Catholic Church has been opened to researchers and scholars.

Church of Mary of Zion (Aksum, Ethiopia). This church contains the most important shrine of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church – the Ark of the Covenant. Access to the church has only the keeper of the Ark.

Surtsey (island in Iceland). This island was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption in the 60s, and since then access to it has been limited.

The thing is that scientists decided to observe how life begins on the island.

Heard Island (Australian territory). The number of tourists who can visit this island per year is limited.

In order to visit this island it is necessary to go through a two-week journey on rough water and disgusting weather conditions.

North Sentinel Island (Andaman Islands). If you want to visit this island, you will not be arrested, but with almost 100% probability you will die here.

The natives live on this island, who refuse to make contact, and they meet curious tourists with a hail of arrows.

Gentleman’s White Club (London, England). In this elite British club, gentlemen drink alcohol and gamble. Members of the club are exclusively men.

In order to become a member, you must obtain the approval of 35 existing members of the club and be able to pay an annual fee of approximately $ 1,200 dollars.

World Seed Storage on Svalbard (Norway). If you are not a certified breeder, it is unlikely that someday you will be able to get here.

Here is the emergency supply of millions of seeds in case of a global food crisis.

Jiangsu National Security Education Museum (Nanjing, China). If you are not a citizen of China, then the entrance to this museum is closed to you. It is closed to foreigners due to the “secret information on espionage” stored inside.

Bohemian Grove (Monte Rio, California). This place is a recreation area of ​​the richest and most powerful people on our planet. The powerful of this world gather here to have a good rest.

Uninvited guests who come up with the idea to get there, no doubt will be arrested.

Niihau (Hawaiian Island). You cannot visit this island for a very simple reason: it is a private property. You can only visit it if you receive an invitation from the Robinson family.

Room 39 (Pyongyang, North Korea). North Korea itself is a country where it is difficult to get. But room 39 is considered the heart of Kim Jong-un’s regime, since it is here that all illegal operations, including money laundering and drug trafficking, are carried out.

It is terrible to imagine what awaits the uninvited guest, if such a daredevil exists.

Lascaux Cave (France). Until 1963, the cave with primitive cave paintings was open to the public. But in order to protect the images from damage, it was decided to ban visiting the cave.

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