Famous tourist places give travelers a lot of impressions. But in every country there are places that only local people know about, they are outside the capitals. These are places that open customs of the population, small streets of beautiful villages, unusual ethnic houses and much more. We suggest you look at these amazing places.

Places of interest where the usual tourist does not step, 20 photos

Village Yvoire, France. This is a small colorful village, which is already 700 years old. Despite the military devastation, the settlement retained its original appearance. Near Lake Geneva is a small castle of unsurpassed beauty.

The village of Ivoire is always filled with laughter and good emotions. It has everything: elegant flower gardens and cozy houses in the Provencal style, as well as charming locals who will take a tour with great pleasure for the avid travelers.

Kangaroo Island, Australia. This is a place that is a dream of both adults and children. There are many nature reserves and national parks with all their landscapes on the background of beautiful rocks. On a walk, a traveler can meet a koala, a platypus, a kangaroo and a monitor lizard.

Also here you can admire the cutest birds – dwarf penguins, barn owls and black cockatoo. Dolphins and seals swim close to the ocean shore.

Fortress Burtange, the Netherlands. The Star Fortress, as it is also called, was built during the Eighty Years War. This fortress is a new type of fortification to protect against artillery.

A tour of the fortress will tell you a lot, in addition, from its summit, beautiful landscapes are revealed.

Albarracín, Spain. This is a fabulous city, which is sometimes called “pink”. This name was derived from the Muslims who lived here from the 9th to the 12th century. This town has ancient winding streets, mountains in combination with rivers and meadows.

There is also an 18-km aqueduct, which was built under the Romans. The old pavement imperceptibly immerses the tourist in the Spanish flavor.

Devonshire, England. Devon is the most picturesque county in England, on both sides washed by the Bristol Bay and the Channel Tunnel. Here were born the great sailors Francis Drake and Walter Reilly, as well as Agatha Christie.

By the way, the events that were described in the book The Hound of the Baskervilles also take place in this village. Devonshire is the true face of the country. In the image of Devonshire, severe English restraint, comfort and mysterious paths intertwine.

Hokkaido Island, Japan. If you happen to be in Japan, do not forget to visit Hokkaido. The Japanese are perfectionists by nature – they created cool and vivid impressions for tourists.

This terrace Unkay with lavender fields, Blue Lake and ski slopes. Here you can see a strange animal that lives only on Hokkaidlo – Ezo Momonga.

Monsanto, Portugal. The picturesque city of Monsanto is as if cut out of a cliff.

The panorama from the top of the mountain is amazing: tiles, greenery, mountains. And the authenticity of the Portuguese town is amazing!

Feathered Canyon, Iceland. This canyon is simply incredible, the pristine landscapes here are so beautiful that they are breathtaking. The length of the canyon is about 2 kilometers, the depth is 100 meters.

If you go to Iceland, be sure to visit the Feathered canyon – and unforgettable adventures await you!

Alberobello, Italy. This is the sweetest miniature town with all its wonderful houses that conquer the hearts of tourists.

There are about one and a half thousand magic houses with cone-shaped roofs. Many of them turned 700 years old!

Beech Alley, Ireland. Dark or Beech Alley – this is a very unusual place. She was planted by the Stuart family 300 years ago.

The idea is to impress everyone who enters the town, which today is a golf club. According to legend, under the trees you can meet the ghost of the Gray Lady.

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