These magnificent, and to some extent frightening roads amaze with their greatness. Fans of traveling by car will undoubtedly be able to appreciate these roads.

Picturesque highways from around the world, 23 photos

Atlantic Road, Norway. The length of this amazing highway is almost 8.5 km. It consists of several roads and large bridges.

Chapmans Peak Drive, Cape Town, South Africa. This trail, which is affectionately called Chappy, crosses the rocky coast of Chapman’s Peak. Its length is 9 km, and has 114 turns.

Dades Gorge, High Atlas, Morocco. The 63 km long road stretched across the gorge. It is believed that the best time to visit the lower valleys is the period from March to May.

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys, USA. This is the world famous bridge in Monroe County, Florida. It is above the sea and connects the middle islands of the Knights Key archipelago with its lower islands, Little Dac Key.

Pikes Peak, Colorado, USA. This mountain route has an average slope of 7% and has 156 turns. Annual auto and moto competitions are held on this route. Pikes Peak is composed of distinctive pink granite, its color is due to the large number of feldspar.

Trollstigen, Rauma, Norway. In the city of Rauma, you can enjoy a ride along the amazing Trollstigen mountain road. It was part of the Norwegian national road number 63. Season to visit stretches from mid-May to October.

Col de Turini, France. Near Sospel, in the district of Nice there is a high mountain pass in the coastal Alps. Its length is 1607 m.

California State Road SR 1, USA. The length of this magnificent highway is 140 km. Most of the route runs along the Pacific coast of California. Traveling on this highway you can enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful coastlines of the United States.

Mountain road Tianmen, Hunan, China. The road has its own name: “road 99 turns”. Its length is 11 km, and you can just walk on it.

Mount Jebel Hafeet, UAE. One of the main natural attractions of the emirate of Abu Dhabi. To the top of the mountain lead 12 km of serpentine asphalt road. During the construction of this road, evidence was found that in ancient times there were sea spaces in the place of the desert.

Zoji La, India. This 9km road connects Ladakh and Kashmir. It rises to a height of 3528 meters above sea level. The Zoggia-La Pass is the second highest on the Srinagar-Leh highway.

Transfagaras highway, Romania. Mountain highway in the Carpathians, connecting the Romanian region of Wallachia and Transylvania. It passes through the Fagaras mountain range. It reaches its highest point at an altitude of 2034 meters and therefore is considered the highest altitude road in Romania.

Dalton Highway, Alaska, USA. The long-haul trucker ice track, which consists of a lifeless 660-kilometer road with just three small villages along the way.

Khardung La, India. Some people mistakenly believe that this is the highest road in the world, but in reality there are several other roads that are even higher. However, 5 359 meters above sea level is also quite a lot.

Yungas Road, Bolivia. Many people call this road the road of death, which is considered one of the most dangerous in the world, annually takes from 200 to 300 lives.

Tunnel Gulyan, China. The road through the mountains of Taihang was built by locals. Until 1972, the path carved into the rock was the only link between the village of Gulyan and the outside world. It took five years to complete the construction of a 1200-meter tunnel for the passage of vehicles with a height of about 5 meters and a width of 4 meters.

Passage du Gua, France. This is a 2.7-kilometer highway that connects Noirmoutier Island to the mainland. Movement on it is allowed only for several hours twice a day, after low tide. The rest of the time the tide is flooding it.

Oasis Dakhla, Egypt. When traveling to the Dakhla oasis, there are absolutely amazing views.

Hana, Hawaii. This 100-kilometer road connects Kahului with the city of Hana on the island of Maui. A narrow winding highway runs through 59 bridges, 46 of which have only one lane.

Kolyma highway, Russia. “The road on the bones”, which can be reached from Magadan to Yakutsk, it was built by the hands of prisoners of the GULAG.

Kohl de la Bonet, France. This road on the pass height of 2 715 meters above sea level in the Maritime Alps is located near the Italian border.

St. Gothard, Switzerland. This road on the pass height of 2 106 meters above sea level connects Uri and Ticino in Switzerland.

Mountain road in the Caucasus. A narrow path from Sochi to Lake Ritsa in the Caucasus Mountains.

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