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Pictures of blondes.
Much everything is written about blondes, there is even the World day of blondes which is celebrated on May 31. This article also wants to be devoted to this holiday.
Let’s understand whether the hair color influences character and to what it can be explained in the way from the point of view of astrology. In astrology the ascending sign and the first house, and also planets in the first house, position of the manager of the house and communication of these planets with other elements of a horoscope is always responsible for appearance. That is these elements of a horoscope are responsible for a hair color too in particular. But the first house means in astrology far not only appearance, but also the most part of traits of character. Thus, part of elements which are responsible for appearance and for character are crossed among themselves, so, depending on a hair color it is possible to tell a little and about character of the person.
Everything it is good, but most of women and some men change color of the hair. And characteristics of a horoscope of the birth remain invariable. How to be in this case?
For a long time it is known that everything in the world is interconnected and therefore in astrology there is even such section which carries the name astromagic. The essence consists in that by means of external attributes or actions to strengthen or weaken any elements of a horoscope. Thus, recolouring hair in a certain color we activate some elements of the horoscope, generally the first house

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