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Pictures of beautiful black women.
Kliknitemyshkoydlyavydeleniyacherny roses stand on a window.
Who brought in a full moon to me,
Black bouquet of the roses which are so loved by me?
I know the answer, only it not seriously…
Black roses – guarantee not of love,
Cold also as fear they blow.

As are delightful as are good,
Black roses, for black soul!
Black roses blossom only once in a year:
In night of a new moon, in night of sorcery,
At night when blood the moon is so drunk.
Black roses gift drag!
By blood it is paid, pain, a tear,
Needles thorns are tied up by darkness.
The bouquet lifeless costs much.
Give them to witches, give in the winter,
With a scarlet ribbon, with a brooch golden.
Black roses shine in a haze,
Black roses at a black window…
The old witcher presented flowers to me.
In black eyes the question blazes.
Again and again you give me them,
Black roses for black soul.
Again I accept a black bouquet.
Again I answer you with the word “No”!
You not seriously, you do not love me…
Just the desire smothers you.
Black roses stand on a window.
Black tears stiffened in soul.
Black roses do not know love.
Black roses, you are so cold…

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