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Photos pretty girl angel.
One of the images which are most attracting attention for a photoshoot is the image of innocence and a charm, and use of an angelic silhouette perfectly copes with such purpose. The angel is the embodiment of purity, inviolability and heavenly beauty and for this reason any girl had no objection to stay an angel, let even only in the photo. Of course, not all angels are pure and are not vicious, as it is known angels live not only in heaven therefore one more interesting option is an image of a fallen angel. It can be used as a counterbalance to angelic similarity, or separately to emphasize complexity of human soul.
Heaven in studio
The easiest to create an image of an angel by means of wings as they also are the main attribute of heavenly beings. Also artificial clouds which are used as scenery for photographing will look also well. To create a harmonious image of an angel, the make-up has to be natural and not too bright. The easy flush and natural color of shadows will help to emphasize innocence and purity. As for clothes – here it is possible to choose among different breed of , and also to use various dresses of pastel shades.
Dark angel
Also the image of a black angel is not less mysterious. Unlike a usual angel, such style means combinations of defiant shades of a dress and more obstinate breeds of clothes. The black angel bewitches and will captivate as such angel is dangerous, and it is possible to expect anything from him. Here combinations of dark shades, and also abundance of black color are pertinent.
Whatever option you chose, remember that girls in an image of an angel look very effectively on pictures, and such style assumes interesting special effects and disposes to creativity

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