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Photos of very beautiful blondes.
Caught 2 blondes a goldfish. The small fish is ready to execute at one their desire. The first blonde speaks: “I want to be clever”, and she became a brunette, the second blonde looked at it and speaks: “I want to be cleverer than it” and she became a man.
About sex change we will not say here, and that some women feel differently after changed a hair color, we will try to understand.
If article is called “Astrology and blondes”, and will begin with them. In astrology Mercury operates light color. It should be noted that same planet is responsible also for mental abilities of the person, and also for inquisitiveness. We can refer mind, ability to agree and communicate with people to Mercury merits, it is possible to carry a surface, unwillingness to get into an essence of the phenomena, and also garrulity to negative qualities. Already you learn some lines attributed to blondes?
And so natural blondes, that is at what the light hair color is natural color, as a rule, have the expressed Mercury or emphasis on signs which are operated by this planet – Twins and the Maiden. Personally in own practice I was convinced that if at the time of the birth there ascend a Maiden or Mercury is located in the first house, then it often gives a light hair color. Depending on the harmonious or inharmonious provision of Mercury in relation to other planets in a horoscope, its qualities can be shown with a plus or with a minus sign. But as it is about natural color, we can note that most of blondes are easy in communication, are not persuasive and are able to find a common language with people around. Considering that if Mercury is shown even in color a hair, then it means that its position in a horoscope strong what indicates high mental abilities. It would seem we received a contradiction with the traditional myth about low I.Q. at women with a fair hair. But we did not consider that moment that when the planet in a horoscope strong, it gives great opportunities, but does not promise their realization without participation of the person. The second supervision which is confirmed by most of astrologers is in what seldom develops the strong planet of people – and why when and it is so good? Thus, the woman who was born with a fair hair has fine mental abilities, but is not inclined to develop them! From here both frivolity, and superficiality, and garrulity comes. Whether the blonde can change a situation? Definitely yes! And we see it on the example of some blondes who really achieve impressive results. Thus – natural blondes are allocated with by nature rather higher level of mental abilities, than brunettes. Whether but everything is so sad for brunettes?
Time a hair color turned out dark it means that Mercury was not so brightly shown in a horoscope (though there are also exceptions). So the planet has no very considerable influence in a horoscope rather, and gives the level of mental abilities depending on other factors from below average, to above average. But each of us develops and has a freedom of choice. And subconsciously the person to seek to develop just mediocre abilities and therefore it is necessary brunettes more studies (while can give blondes marks, doing indulgence on a hair color that by the way, once again confirms the harmonious provision of Mercury – luck in the field of education) and therefore they develop Mercury in the horoscope stronger!
Now we will pass to coloring of hair. Let’s begin by tradition with blondes. If you are recoloured in light color, then thereby strengthen Mercury in own horoscope. If it at you costs harmoniously, then thereby you will attract good luck in the life, and will strengthen positive manifestations of Mercury. If Mercury costs not so successfully, or it is absolutely bad, then it is undesirable to be recoloured as in your character negative manifestations of Mercury can appear, as well as in destiny there can be not most pleasant changes.
If you on the contrary recolour hair in dark color, then you weaken influence of Mercury. In most cases it turns out not too successfully, but it can be useful when Mercury operates in a personal horoscope the sphere on which you excessively concentrated, it helps to remove dependence. If you the blonde also feel that you are not lucky in any certain area, make experiment – dye a hair in other color, perhaps this sphere at you and Mercury which costs not too successfully in your personal horoscope operates.
There are also other colors. Red and any shades of red will strengthen position of Mars, so such qualities of character as courage, determination and aggressiveness in the relation with an opposite sex. Mars operates sexuality and therefore repainting will add to red shades to you and sex appeal too.
Black and very dark tone are under the administration of Pluto which means the power, and also shows the level of passion and internal sexuality. Just Pluto is connected with fate and therefore burning brunettes are so often called femmes fatales.
The red hair color copes the Sun, so, increases creative abilities and brightness. It should be noted that the Sun is strong in a sign of the Lion and it is weak in a sign of Aquarius and as the provision of the Sun in a horoscope is defined by your zodiac sign, to Lions red color quite will approach, and here to Aquarius opposite. They say that red women most stervozna that also speaks about manifestation of poor qualities of the Sun among which there is an egoism and an egocentrism. The bitch thinks first of all of herself so if you were recoloured in red color and you feel that you become more selfish, it is better to return to a natural hair color, to work over itself, and again to be recoloured to check, how successfully you managed it.
Such original colors as green, violet or blue, are connected with the planet Uranium which is responsible for all modern and nonconventional. So if you want to feel free, anarchical, independent and ultramodern, safely dye hair in one of these shades

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