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Geographical coordinates
China – the state in the Central and East Asia. 35 degrees of the Northern latitude, 105 degrees of East longitude.

Territory. (the border of India with China is disputable; after long negotiations two small sites of the Russian-Chinese border were demarcated only in 1997; the most part of border with Tajikistan is disputable; 33-ekh a kilometer site of border with Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in mountains Pektusan is not defined; China challenges Spratli’s islands from Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and, perhaps Brunei; the sea border with Vietnam in the gulf Tonkin is disputable; The Paracel Islands are taken by the People’s Republic of China, but are challenged by Vietnam and Taiwan; The People’s Republic of China puts forward claims for the Japanese islands to Senkak; the land site of border with Vietnam is not defined; China considers Taiwan as the rebellious province).
Total area – 9 596 960 sq.km, the area of sushi – 9 326 410 sq.km, the area of the rivers and lakes – 270 550 sq.km. Use of lands: Arable lands – 10%, lands used in plant growing – 0%, lands used in animal husbandry – 43%, the woods – 14%, other lands – 33%.
In China typhoons are frequent (around five in a year on the southern and east coast); floods; tsunami; earthquakes; droughts. China is in belts moderate, subtropical and tropical climatic. The southwest part of China is occupied with the Plateau of Tibet (average height about 4 500 m) framed with the mountain Himalayas systems, Karakoruma, Kunlunya, Nanshanya and Sino-Tibetsky mountains; in the West and the Northwest – the High Plains (Tarimskaya, Dzhungarskaya, Alashan) and mountains of East Tien Shan. East part of the country is less high; in the Northeast – Manchzhuro-Koreysky mountains, Big and Small Hingan, plains and river basins of Songhua, to the south the Loessial plateau, the Great Chinese plain; in the south – Mount Nan Ling, Yunnan-Guychzhorsky uplands. Climate in the West continental, in the east mainly monsoonal. Average temperatures of January from – 24C in the North and in the Plateau of Tibet to 18C in the south, July on plains from 20C to 28C. The annual amount of precipitation decreases from 2 000 – 2 500 mm. (in the South and the East) to 50 – 100 mm. (in the North and the West). In the fall typhoons are frequent. In the east – an extensive network of the rivers – Yangtze, Huang He, Songhua, Xi River; in the West – the Takla Makan Desert, in the north – part of the Gobi Desert. The main environmental problems – the air pollution caused by broad use of coal fuel; acid rains; shortage of water (especially in northern areas); water pollution by the crude dumpings; deforestation; an erosion of soils (since 1949 it is irrevocably lost about the fifth part of farmlands); trade in endangered species of flora and fauna.
In the east it is washed by waters of the Yellow, East Chinese and Southern Chinese seas of the Pacific Ocean. Coast of China have many islands, among them the largest Taiwan and Hainan. The capital – Beijing

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