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Photos eastern girl beauty.
In response to a sign – in a buffoonery gloom
The ring of the weaved hands is terminated,
And in grumble of the risen drums
The dancer entered a passionate circle.
The shoulder and breast entered sedately dancing,
In a stream of harps the leg looked for the ford,
Suddenly call of a pipe – and, all in the easiest jolting,
The sluggish stomach entered game.
Oh, ecstasy of slow swings,
Oh, an easy step under the remote whistle,
Oh, music of unprecedented is silent,
And – suddenly – blow, both splashes of flutes, and violins!
Thunder-storm. improbable infernal orchestra,
Peals of pipes, disturbing sound of cymbals.
As the scared maestro rushes about,
But everything grows an unrestrained shaft.
And the woman – fearless – entered
With an orchestra in voluptuous fight.
From a gloom music attracted it –
Also there was a stomach – obediently – on a pipe.
But the woman loved and wanted –
And, winning against an intense dance,
It bore an enthusiastic body
Towards to hundreds of heated eyes.
Oh, this hour of dense and ancient flour:
To stand in darkness, at a colored board,
And to hide from itself the hands,
Shivering from thirst and melancholy.

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