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Photos beauty models – angel girl.
The fragile girl with wings of an angel
The fragile girl with wings of an angel,
Who are you? Tell where to me to find you?
I hundreds of times changed the haven,
That with yours to cross the way.
Present me a little heat,
Again in the sleep saw you,
Gentle lines of a body,
Light, cheerful eyes.
Not in forces will move,
Can do it just a dream?
I do not want to wake up,
By you it is fascinated, with you it is in love!
My years come to an end,
And you all also dream,
Answer me at least once, I ask,
The gray hair is silvered…
On a face it is full of wrinkles,
I am silent, words are not important,
Alone but not one,
You one are necessary to me…
Here it, my last instant,
Bright light lights the road,
You meet halfway,
With wings of an angel, cheerful eyes…
– Hi! Long ago you did not visit me…
– Your time has come,, I so waited for you…
Having given a hand, helped me to rise,
– You houses, but now have to have a sleep.
I fall asleep without releasing it not for a moment,
Dream or reality? everything was mixed by places,
The small child, absolutely I am not an old man,
Only I remember everything that was with us.
Smile of the girl young,
Nearby the doctor in a dressing gown,
– I congratulate! you have a son!
– Holy Christ, as pleasantly!
New life began,
Declines replace dawn,
You all come in my dreams,
With cheerful eyes, in white it is dressed

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