Photo of girls in wet shirts 1

Photo of girls in wet shirts 2

Photo of girls in wet shirts 3

Photo of girls in wet shirts.
I like to look,
As on a sofa you read the magazine,
In my shirt to contemplate you,
And to observe two movements a ball.
Your forms are matchless in color day,
You sexually tempt the place,
I envy this sofa endlessly,
You leaf through the magazine, charm.
I will not disturb you in clear morning,
Only there is a wish to look at you,
I will not develop imaginations violent,
Though for nervousness the occasion is.
But perhaps I will not restrain,
Entertaining we will postpone the magazine for later,
I will undertake your smart hips,
I want to hear your erotic groan since morning.
For it I will give all myself to you,
That enjoyed a male body,
We will disappear in a sweet sexual dream,
We together will indulge in love safely.
You bring me the essence,
You are seductive madly,
You are a woman! Also you breathe a full breast,
Today this morning is very fine

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