Photo motorcycle and beautiful women 1

Photo motorcycle and beautiful women 2

Photo motorcycle and beautiful women 3

Photo motorcycle and beautiful women.
It is a lot of on light of motorcycles different.
Blue and white, yellow and red.
How to identify that for an animal before you.
I will teach you, the young hero.
If you see as day according to the prospectus
The man bearded in a cap with ear-flaps rolls
Know, under it a chopper – it for respect
And on it you go as on the tank forward.
If a bullet from the traffic light
Afar the madman in overalls departs
It is “sport”, it will give any odds,
With it to live not long, but it is more interesting.
If sweeping collective-farm dirt
The tractor is bypassed by some silly woman,
Not vodka got bad.
Before you – the enduro motorcycle.
If the motorcycle on the road is dragged
All is decorated also with the maid beautiful
Remember – it is necessary to be treated for it.
Goldving Honda for plebeians haughty.

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