Photo beautiful girl with cherry 1

Photo beautiful girl with cherry 2

Photo beautiful girl with cherry 3

Photo beautiful girl with cherry.
You where so long look for me?
I on your hours minute,
On whipped cream a branch with cherry,
With anybody not to mix me.
I am an axis in pregnancy of a circle
Honestly, on which argue.
I in February a crazy blizzard,
And in May a calm on the Red Sea,
I if it is honest, that it is necessary!
And I not where third wheel.
I where distribute awards.
I am lower than Mars, the Sun are higher.
But you cannot find me,
As though it is very difficult.
I am not younger every year…
Suddenly I will become the universe muddy,
Leaf autumn under legs,
Rain, hlestayushchy nature,
And, the leaving steps,
Losing beauty breed…
You will be helped let by God,
So far I am a branch with red cherry!

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