Strictness, justice, love and the ability to give valuable advice are important components of any educational process, but joint jokes and jokes play an important role in relationships with children. We have presented a selection of photos in which parents tease their children.

Parents with a sense of humor parody the selfies of their children, 25 photos

Perfect support.

And blouse, and tatushechka, and cap. Parents do not lag behind modern trends.

Look, son, we are like two drops of water.

Not a son, you look more like me, you just need a mustache.

Docha look, I can do that too.

Piercing, tattoo, handkerchief, which just can not do for a beautiful photo.

And dad is also a new fan, of course not so handsome, but still.

And I, and I, too, so I can.

Dad tries to keep up with his daughter.

Fun parents successfully parodied a photo of their daughters.

Dad is not inferior in the mercy of his daughter.

Take a picture of me like that, but still like this …

Oh, those legs, they are perfect.

Docha look, I also thought type.

Dad also likes to lie down by the pool.

And you think who gave her the lessons of seduction?

Parents copy photos of the daughter with her boyfriend, nothing comes out like that.

Batik sponges, dad works well.

Well-chosen clothing solves a lot.

Parents of these children have an excellent sense of humor.

He took a picture with the sleeping grandfather, he did not lose his head and made a return photo.

The charm of this dad just rolls over.

Sharing photos with your beloved are the most sincere, parents are not far behind modern trends.

And we also have glasses.

Hey son, check out my new bow.

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