Monsanto is a unique town, which is carved out of stone. Wherever you look, you can see stones everywhere. Everything here is reminiscent of the Middle Ages. We offer to look at it and get acquainted with its amazing story.

Monsanto - a city carved out of a rock, 20 photos

Title. The Portuguese themselves say that Monsanto is the most Portuguese city in Portugal, because this village reflects the characteristics of the local people.

Here the traditions and character of the Portuguese are perpetuated. “Monte santo” is translated as the Holy Mountain.

Tourism. For several years there was not a single tourist here, because not a single transport goes here. Most of those who visited Monsanto are independent travelers.

Today many people come here to admire the streets, carved out of the rock.

View. Monsanto city looks as if he had to endure a terrible disaster. The fact is that the city is built on a mountain of stone, so the boulders literally hang over residential buildings, as if each minute threatens to fall on the heads of poor old men.

In fact, nothing of the kind will happen, as stones are just a decoration for houses.

Story. Giants like the Flintstones played like stones in a ball. But when they got tired of playing, they simply disappeared.

The stones remained, and modern residents replaced the giants. They built houses inside the stones. The village was founded 3000 years ago by the Celts.

The most Portuguese village. As we have said, Monsanto is called this resounding slogan.

Its inhabitants of the town did not come up with themselves. In 1938, a contest of the most authentic city was held, and, as you have already guessed, the Manzantans won. On the clock tower in the middle of Monsanto, the main prize, the Silver Rooster, still flaunts.

City building. Monsanto built the Celtic tribes, as already mentioned. Residents have decided not to touch large stones, but to build up the space under and between them.

Therefore, stones are used as roofs, the foundation and the main building material. As a result of such a unique construction, the intricacies of rock formations turned out.

Streets of Monsanto. Monsanto streets look like this for about 300 years. Somehow imperceptibly electricity and running water appeared, they were accepted by the locals.

But they have no internet. Somehow one of the mobile operators put an antenna on the mountain, then the locals threatened to cut it to hell.

Houses. In Monsanto, it is strictly forbidden to demolish old houses and build new ones.

No changes in the city should be, they are simply considered blasphemy.

Population. Monsanto now has fewer than a thousand people, most of them pensioners.

In general, it seems that Monsanto is a city of old people.

Mountain. If you go even higher, the village suddenly ends. It is seen that once people lived even higher. It seems that they simply tired of walking so high.

At the top of the mountain is a medieval castle, of which there are many in Portugal. In general, in Portugal, on each hill over the castle. At the top of the mountain there is a kilometer post and that unfortunate antenna, the locals dream of disappearing.

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