Previously, exquisite mansions were an attribute of real aristocrats. In the modern world, luxury homes have ceased to be associated with the aristocratic lifestyle, as successful businessmen, or pop and movie stars, become their owners. However, no matter what, they continue to impress with their beauty and grandeur.

Mansions that impress with their greatness, 20 photos

Dudley House, built in 1742. This luxurious creation of architects is located in the UK. Unfortunately this is one of the few aristocratic townhouses that have survived in London. The first owners of the mansion were the aristocratic Ward family.

Throughout its history, the Townhouse has changed a number of owners, and after the Second World War it was restored, and to this day it pleases us with its beauty.

Villa Leopold was built in 1902. Country: France. Leopold II of Belgium ordered the construction of a stylish villa on the Cote d’Azur for his favorite Carolina Lacroix.

After the death of the king, his nephew Albert II decided that Madame Lacroix, who was called the “Queen of the Congo”, had no rights to the villa and evicted the uncle’s former favorite. During the First World War, the mansion was used as a military hospital.

In 1705, the Blenheim Palace was built in Britain. This is the largest family estate in the country among those who do not own members of the royal family. The palace was named after the victorious military battle for the Spanish inheritance. In 1704, Duke of Marlborough John Churchill defeated French troops near the small Bavarian village of Blenheim.

In 1874, the world-famous descendant of the Duke of Marlborough, Winston Churchill, appeared on the set in Blenheim. Today, the palace is open to the public, and the descendants of the Duke of Marlborough live in the east wing.

Broughton Castle. Year of construction: 1300. Country: United Kingdom. This is a real medieval castle, around which the moat is preserved. It is located near the town of Bunbury in Oxfordshire, England.

It was built by Sir John de Broughton. For the past 600 years, the castle has been owned by the Fiennes family. The main pearl of the castle is the Milady Garden. Its design was developed in the 19th century and, thanks to the efforts of the castle owners, it remained almost unchanged.

Forte St Clemente was erected in the 16th century, Portugal. The decision to build this castle was made by King Philip II, who managed to annex Portugal to Spain.

From the windows of the mansion offers a magical view of the ocean, there is also direct access to the beach.

In 1600, in the UK, erected a unique Goodwood house. For more than 300 years, the mansion was the residence of the dukes of Richmond and Lenno. At the beginning of XVIII this masterpiece of architecture was modernized.

Some ancient sites of the mansion have survived to our time, although in the middle of the last century, some of its parts were dismantled. Goodwood House is famous for its exquisite neoclassical interior.

Kaversuol Castle, year of construction: 1625. The mansion was the family estate of famous British aristocrats, the Wedgwood family.

Its history begins in the Anglo-Saxon era, but we were lucky, and the mansion reached our time the way it was in 1625.

Lismore Castle, was founded in 1185, Ireland. This castle is the Irish residence of the Dukes of Devonshire since 1753. Many consider it the most beautiful castle in Ireland. The history of the castle began in the XII century, when Prince John built a “castellaum” on this site.

After John became king, he gave the castle to the church. Now the castle belongs to the famous and rich Cavendish family.

Building Maiderslot Castle was completed in 1280. It is located in the Netherlands. This one was built by order of Count Floris V, who planned to get the Scottish throne. Maiden, in which the castle was erected, was an important trading port. In the fortified castle there was a customs office and a tax collection point for ships sailing past the city.

The castle was replaced by many owners, and its dawn fell on the 17th century, when the castle was recognized as an important cultural center in Europe. But gradually the castle lost its status, in the XIX century it was even wanted to be demolished. However, King William I did not allow the destruction of the historic building.

Waddesdon Manor, built in 1883. Country: United Kingdom. Baron Ferdinand Rothschild invited architect Gabriel-Hippolyte Destelier to build a French-style mansion. The richest man at that time in Europe built his mansion in just six years.

Rothschild’s country house was one of the most sought after places for social events. He was even visited by members of royal families. In addition, well-known politicians, artists and aristocrats regularly visited the Rothschild residence.

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