Makeup on the lips. Adhesive video

Looking in the mirror, you notice that the lips are no longer so bright, voluminous and not visible contour? You always paint your lips and draw a contour with a pencil, but make-up does not hide all the cosmetic defects? Because of this, many begin to plan an aesthetic operation, obtaining silicone lips. But there are not so expensive and easier ways to correct the lip pattern – permanent lip makeup.

Lip tattooing is the application of pigments under the surface layers of the skin to simulate a natural makeup. The duration of the effect can be a couple of months, and maybe up to three years. The procedure is carried out using a special anesthetic and special cosmetic equipment. In the photo you can see that the permanent makeup of lips looks very bright, rich and beautiful, if the work was done by a professional in his work.

Pleasant and fascinating viewing of the video of a beautiful make-up on the lips. Write your feedback and comments after watching the video.

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  1. Directly presented. At the meeting with the painting. Read my lips)

  2. If this is your first date, then this hint may be notably frightened young man!

  3. Interesting to watch to what extent can reach creativity!

  4. Well, in General, lips can be painted as you like, I’m not letting go the topic of holography, are always looking for accessories with the same effect.

  5. In the first case, the lips are so voluminous that it (volume) will not remove any makeup). by the way, the effect of zatselovali lips. First makeover is almost no different from him. Asian women so beautiful yet Oh knows when)) Bright center and muted with concealer contours

  6. Is Diandra Forrest, her lips are such that once seen, will not forget!

  7. But in real life will continue to go the traditional way.

  8. Yeah, and this makeup demonstration on such lips, because thin is a travesty. well, nice) I’ve never seen. True and lenses glasses not wearing

  9. Thanks for the compilation! I read with interest! Lips that by just not pass)))

  10. Wedding on the lips — well, as quickly responded fantasy artists!

  11. It’s funny, I’m not trendy and will continue to paint the lips in the usual way

  12. Thanks for the post. Interesting, don’t stop, please. Will wait for the continuation.

  13. I rejoice in the popularity of holografico, before I had to munukutla with shadows on duralin, and now ready to buy.

  14. Yes, I agree, entertaining to watch! And for life better than just your usual makeup)

  15. I’ve long thought is that when all these effects will carry on… the lens to the eye. To change the native color of the eyes using lenses has long been possible, but some creative things still do not. Because you can also use abstract pupils, with patterns, with animals instead of the eyeball, snake eyes, planets, etc… to Move or what this idea one of the producers?)))

  16. Thanks, I wonder acquainted with something new. The latest versions with some sanding quite nice))

  17. Irina, it was interesting to read what goes on in this world!

  18. lips beautiful, I’m just about the performance, the feeling that they just did not dokrutili, if the idea was to visually reduce with the volume, it had somehow smoothly to do, and so… like that very much

  19. Yeah 10 years how to do, and even more with the increased surface too (that is, the figure climbs to protein).

  20. I — for art and painting in all their manifestations. Monet on the lips .

  21. In the summer I bought a regular clear gloss, and will enjoy polopenze and natural color of your lips.

  22. So have been doing with the pupils of cats, dragons and snakes for sure) Spirals of all sorts, anime gadgets, stars — only way to go. There is still scleral lenses (full eye), completely insane)

  23. I’m also a creative diversity not seen, but terrible options they are types of extended freaky eyes, cat eyes… But that’s most too soon for theme parties. With the planets the idea is cool, the space in the eyes!

  24. Lollipop in soft, life version looks very nice. It is necessary to try.

  25. Thanks for the response and approval of the selection! So, I’ll look for more beautiful pictures to share!

  26. The color of the lipstick smeared just a delight! Want

  27. Oh, not mine for sure))). I love the fuzzy outline, but without going over. Smeared lipstick is not OK the lips without a clear path.

  28. I like 2 — easy and simple, on the morning namazyukali — received abstraction and forth. To work in the office :). Interesting

  29. And even more curious would come out with lip makeup in explanation of the wedding Harry and Megan.

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