In this article we have gathered the most interesting and fascinating facts about the platform for mobile phones and tablets called Android. Let’s try to figure out how well we know the OS. Here are 10 of the most interesting facts from the history of Android.

Interesting facts about the Android OS, 20 photos

The Android operating system was originally developed for digital cameras. And, contrary to popular belief, Google is not its creator. A tech giant bought the Android OS in 2005 for $ 50 million.

By the way, before selling the operating system to Google, one of its creators, Andy Rubin, tried to sell a Samsung product.

Design of the first prototype The Android smartphone in appearance was very similar to the Blackberry.

During the creation of the OS, Blackberry smartphones were very popular in business circles. They did not have a touch screen, but there was a hardware keyboard.

Mass. Today, in the mobile phone market, 88% of all devices work on the Android platform.

After the sale of the company, even in Apple’s native USA, the number of smartphones and tablets based on Android significantly exceeds the number of iOS devices.

The first Android device produced the HTC brand. The official presentation of the HTC Dream was held in 2008, its price was 179 US dollars.

The device had a hardware keyboard.

Non-smartphone version. In the history of Android, there is one version that did not work on smartphones. Android 3 was not designed for these gadgets, and the blame for this was Apple, which released the iPad.

After the presentation of the first tablet, the world seemed to be crazy. Google had to answer in order not to be out of competition. So there was a third version of “Android” for tablets.

Gifts to users. Starting with version 2.3 and above, the Android operating system has an Easter egg, the so-called hidden jokes in the program, which are written into the program by developers for fun.

To run it, you need to enter the settings, select the item “About device”, find the item about the version of “Android” and quickly click on it several times.

All versions of the operating system have the names of sweets and desserts., except Android 1.0 and 1.1.

Their names follow alphabetically: Cupcake for the fifth version, Donut for 1.6, and so on.

The Android operating system is used even by NASA. The agency has repeatedly sent into space devices based on Android Gingerbread.

This was done in order to conduct tests of orbital sensors on board the International Space Station.

In Android, a method with a strange name is applied to fix all user errors. WTF.

This abbreviation stands for What a Terrible Failure (“What a terrible failure”).

Android and Linux operating systems are called biblical names. – Adam and Eve. After all, Android, like Eve, was made from the “edge” of Linux.

The world-famous operating system uses the kernel and other Linux software.

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