Incredibly rich Chechen wedding, video of mood

Toasts with a wedding
Wedding is the best occasion for celebration. After all, this is the best way to show each other that you are in love. The main thing that you must remember from tomorrow is that family life is not such a simple thing, and only love and mutual respect with understanding can help you to go the course of life to the end together hand in hand and create something that neither one person can not do on his own – a strong family. For young, health and understanding!
Toasts with a wedding
There is a common saying: “it’s hard to carry, but it’s a pity to quit.” On your wedding day, I want to drink to make your relationship never become something like this for you. May happiness and tenderness for one another be with you all your life.
Toasts with a wedding
 I want to raise this glass for our newlyweds. Let their family happiness, be like a flowering branch of a beautiful tree and then necessarily sits on it singing happiness a magic bird of love. Love one another and remember, only on you will depend on how long the tree of your family will blossom and how high it will grow and how many fruits it will give. Do not forget and support each other in difficult times and then, no storms that rage around you are not terrible!
Pleasant viewing and wonderful mood when watching this video of a very rich Chechen wedding. Write your opinion, your feedback and comments after watching this amazing video.

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