Incredibly elegant wedding dance with supports, video of a smile

Beautiful toasts for a wedding
There is a wonderful parable about the husband and wife. Every day a married couple ate a bun for breakfast. They divided it into two parts: the lower and upper. The wife always got the upper part, and her husband – the lower one. After several years of marriage, namely on the anniversary of the wedding, the wife took herself to the bottom, saying that she always wanted this. To which her husband replied that he, on the contrary, wanted the upper part, but he left it for the beloved, because he thought that she loved her more. Let your family always has mutual understanding and awe for the second half!
Beautiful toasts for a wedding
Newlyweds! Your boat of family well-being is just beginning its long voyage. It will easily become a luxurious ship, which will not be troubled by storms, if one looks for and finds compromises, loves, respects, listens and, most importantly, hears each other.
A fascinating video viewing of the incredibly beautiful, original wedding dance of the bride and groom. Leave your feedback and comments after watching this video for a good mood.

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  1. · to consider and provide comfort to all guests regardless of the venue a country wedding.

  2. Unconventional approach in choosing locations for the wedding ceremony and involves certain features in the preparation and organization. But, as to the General plan of the wedding day, there is no need to deviate from the usual pattern.

  3. Everything goes on as usual, just in a pre-designated location away from the bustle of the city:

  4. · fees newlyweds, wedding photography in the morning and the arrival – this can happen both at home and at the place of celebration (for example, in a hotel room);

  5. The wishes of the couple to play a special and memorable wedding is understandable. And if today the city’s wedding with the usual routes and the standard of entertainment is no surprise, the country wedding is a great alternative, which also has other advantages:

  6. · registration of marriage – wedding out of town often involves and the ceremony;

  7. · On the one hand, such options for a wedding outside the city – quite an original, unusual and somewhat lean, but on the other hand, their organization requires special efforts and taking into account many of the details as not to spoil the celebration, for example: how to define the boundaries of the area where to place tables how to deliver everything necessary for a wedding venue what to do in case of bad weather, and more.

  8. · the ability to manage space, creating your secluded wedding world;

  9. · wedding photos – traditional photo and video shooting, which in this case does not require relocation. Guests can also participate in the photography or watching her strolling in nature;

  10. · the entire wedding can be held in one place, without wasting time and money on traffic jams etc.;

  11. As noted previously, nature is not the only place where can be organized in a rustic wedding. Much more popular due to its practicality are various buildings and establishments located in the suburbs outside the city noise, but not beyond the benefits of civilization:

  12. · the wedding Banquet – a festive meal that can be arranged quite differently depending on the specific of the venue of the celebration: a picnic, a Banquet in the hotel restaurant, buffet or meal with on-site catering outdoors or in a tent;

  13. · savings on room rental if the house or area is a private property of the newlyweds;

  14. How to organize a wedding out of town: ideas, venue, schedule

  15. · no need to rush to do everything before a certain time, the opportunity to extend the celebration for a few days;

  16. · a rustic restaurant with a Park area is an option as close to the wedding outdoors, but lets not worry about the security; delivery of furniture or food; about finding a place of shelter from the weather, etc. Now these institutions are many, most of them decorated in any theme or style (for example, a hunting Lodge, ethnic style, etc.). Choosing a restaurant, you should consider the harmony wedding ideas newlyweds and atmosphere of the institution;

  17. · fire show, fireworks and launching of sky lanterns is fun, which is not always available in the city.

  18. · natural and unique natural scenery that will not go unnoticed on your wedding photos and videos.

  19. Of course, if everything was so perfect and easy, then everyone would play a wedding out of town. This variant of the organization of the celebration has its disadvantages:

  20. · historic country manors, castles, interesting and popular solution came from a beautiful overseas wedding films. What girl doesn’t want to feel like a real Princess in your wedding day? It is easy to realize in a beautiful place with a unique history. Here is my wedding in a classic style, and theme of a noble hussar, vintage wedding;

  21. If the picture of the wedding, everything is quite clear, you have issues that newlyweds should pay special attention to the wedding in the European tradition turned into a nightmarish failure:

  22. · cottages, villas, private homes – the option of more privacy, homely atmosphere and saving, if the couple (their parents, close friends) have a private house outside the city, where you can celebrated the wedding. You can arrange everything as you wish, don’t have to worry about outsiders (e.g., other rooms), but on the other hand, it is unlikely there is a Banquet room and enough space for a large number of guests.

  23. · selecting (or choosing) a location wedding party you must visit and be familiar with the terrain. This is especially important for natural locations, where there is study space, think about its organization, access to electricity, protection from weather and insects, etc.);

  24. · the unpredictability and inconvenience of natural and weather conditions (bad weather, insects, etc.);

  25. Many people mistakenly believe that the only appropriate time of year for a wedding outside the city – this summer (have a summer wedding has its own quirks conduct). The reason for this delusion is the perception of the country of celebration only as the wedding outdoors, which, actually, is just one of the options. To celebrate a wedding outside the city is possible not only under the open sky, and, accordingly, not only in the warm season. The choice of a particular location depends on the capabilities and stylistic ideas of the newlyweds.

  26. That’s why our website offers its readers not just to know exactly where in the city you can hold the wedding, but also how it can be beat.

  27. · a separate issue is the delivery of supplies to the place of celebration;

  28. As you can see, features and options for this abound, and in addition to wedding celebration under the open sky or in a tent.

  29. · solve transportation issues (guests, decorations, furniture, food and all necessary);

  30. So to hold it in any time of year: summer – bright and rich; autumn – rich and sophisticated in spring – romantic and blooming, but in winter is enchanting and fabulous.

  31. · consider the wedding decoration of the venue of the celebration. Despite all the beauty of nature, such an event requires special ornaments in accordance with the subject;

  32. · all organization requires more careful thought and decent on their own.

  33. Within the city, such places are public and crowded because of the interest of the residents and guests of the city to parks, Botanical gardens, etc. But why the newlyweds have to worry about possible foreign audience, if you can just go out of the city.

  34. · if the wedding will be master of ceremonies/ master of ceremonies, then that person will also need to introduce the venue of the celebration in advance;

  35. In the planning and preparation of a country wedding, there is nothing supernatural or impossible. Of course, the couple must understand that in order to be perfect, they may need a little more time and effort.

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